Perversity Trumps Diversity

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  November 30, 2015   

Bermuda hotel shuts down pro-marriage event, claiming the hotel refuses to host "anti-diversity discussions"

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HAMILTON, Bermuda ( - Bermuda's oldest hotel has canceled two scheduled talks promoting true marriage.

The Hamilton Princess won't allow pro-traditional marriage speaker, Ryan Anderson, to speak on their premises, even though the events had been previously scheduled to take place this week.

Anderson became well known in 2012 with the publication of a book he co-authored titled "What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense." He is a member of the Heritage foundation and has appeared on television numerous times.

Ryan Anderson speaks with about biblical sexuality and marriage

Back in April, two women were refused a civil marriage ceremony on a cruise because the cruise line was registered in Bermuda, which outlaws so-called gay marriage. The following day, local entertainer and tourism advocate Tony Brannon started an online petition advocating for the legalization of sodomite weddings. The petition states that the reasons for allowing gays to marry are "for legal security, to publicly celebrate their commitment, to provide greater legal protection for their children, or simply because they are in love."

This petition garnered some 2,500 signatures and was presented to the local government asking for legalization of marriage for homosexual couples. This in turn led the Minister of Community, Culture and Sport Patricia Gordon Pamplin to initiate discussion in the public forum soliciting community feedback concerning this petition backing same-sex "marriage."

The Concerned Citizens of Bermuda, a local group of advocating for authentic marriage, started their own pro-marriage petition, which has garnered more than 7,000 signatures. It reads:

We agree that marriage in Bermuda should remain defined and upheld as a special union ordained by God between a man and a woman. This union celebrates the necessary natural differences between a male and a female to procreate, fosters moral integrity, strengthens the family unit and therefore our society. For these reasons we are opposed to same-sex marriage in Bermuda.

This highly publicized discussion led to two talks being scheduled in early December at the prestigious Hamilton Princess hotel regarding the promotion of authentic marriage. Ryan Anderson was scheduled to speak at the forum on the topic "What Is Marriage and Why Marriage Matters."

After Concerned Citizens of Bermuda publicized the event, the hotel's general manager, Allan Federer, cancelled the event, stating, "The Hamilton Princess' policy is to celebrate diversity in all its forms, so we advised the organization that we cannot take their booking."

On notice of the cancellation, Concerned Citizens issued the following statement:

Diversity is defined as "the quality or state of having many different forms, types, and ideas." The public presentation that Dr. Ryan Anderson usually presents is not based on arguments founded in morality, theology nor tradition. Our group is disappointed by Hamilton Princess' decision and will seek appropriate redress in the immediate future.

The pro-marriage group finished by stating,

It is our hope that this discriminatory ban will be lifted and that Hamilton Princess will exercise leadership for the community rather than operating under the false idea that banning a presentation results in upholding diversity, when in reality it violates the definition and practice of diversity in every form.

Anderson's talks have been rescheduled to take place December 1 and 2 at the New Testament Church of God Heritage Worship Center.

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