Pew Research: 60 Million Muslims Support ISIS, 250 Million Undecided

by Church Militant  •  •  June 17, 2016   

The religion of peace?

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WASHINGTON ( - A 2015 Pew Research Center poll claimed that in nations "with significant Muslim populations, [there is] much disdain for ISIS." Data from the countries, however, says otherwise.

In Turkey, a country of around 75 million people, the Pew poll says only 8 percent of the population supports ISIS. That's equivalent to 6 million people.

In Pakistan, Pew states only 9 percent support it, but there are 182 million people living in the country. This equals 16 million supporters of the group.

When adding up every other poll in this same format, the number of Muslims who told the Pew Research Center they support ISIS comes to a total of 60 million Muslims.

More numbers unaccounted for in the poll include the massive amount of people who answered "undecided" in each of the countries where the study was done.

Sixty-two percent of Pakistanis replied "Don't know" to the question "Do you have an opinion of the Islamic-militant group in Iraq and Syria known as ISIS?" With the population of 182 million people, the "undecideds" turn out to be over 100 million Pakistanis.

This is also true with Senegal, where 29 percent of people are also undecided. Among those joining the list are Malaysia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan and Israel.

The numbers of people "undecided" on the issues of ISIS add up to more than 250 million people.

Another country, Syria, also has very large numbers of supporters for ISIS. While the country isn't on the Pew survey, Syria is on a poll done by left-wing, pro-immigration news source Independent. The poll reveals that 21percent of Muslims in Syria support ISIS. With a total population of more than 22 million, that works out to about 4 and a half million people.

All told, 60 million Muslims in the Middle East support ISIS, while more than 250 million remain undecided about a terrorist group that routinely tortures its victims — including throwing homosexuals off roofs, sexually enslaving underaged girls, and beheading Christians — demolishes cities, and wants to set up the most extreme form of Sharia law in conquered territories.


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