Phil Robertson Hosts Groundbreaking Film on Godless America

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by Max Douglas  •  •  September 27, 2016   

Steve Bannon, Trump's campaign chief, is producer of the film

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DETROIT ( - A new documentary film airing October 7 will feature television star and stout Christian Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame, who will argue that Christianity is the bedrock of Western civilization. The film, titled "Torchbearer," is produced and directed by Breitbart head and Donald Trump's campaign chief Stephen Bannon.

With stunning footage, the film travels through the various historical epochs and empires and attributes their collapse to a turning away from the divine and natural law. The film is meant to draw comparisons between previous failed empires and the American empire.

The trailer for the documentary opens with Robertson saying, "Man shakes his fist at his creator. 'I decide what is right and wrong. God is dead, I'm my own God.'"

The film is also a critique of Nietzschean philosophy as manifested in the nihilism in modern American society. Robertson says, "In the absence of God, the man with the biggest stick determines your worth." Friedrich Nietzsche was a late 19th-century German philosopher made famous for his "will to power," which excluded the conscience of man and placed the will above all else.

The film is also a critique of Social Darwinism, widely touted in the United States and especially in universities and colleges. Social Darwinism says man is an animal and he has no free will.

The film claims that Christianity forms the bedrock of Western civilization and those nations that reject it fall into decay, disorder and chaos.

The synopsis reads:

Featuring real-life footage from events throughout history and leading up to the modern-day crisis of radical Islamic terrorism, Phil personally guides us through a journey that includes Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and even the notorious Nazi death camp of World War II, Auschwitz. With a biblical perspective, Phil covers events ranging from the creation of the atomic bomb, the impact of the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement. He uses these events to illustrate that God is the only meaningful anchor to a civilized society and calls on all of us to consider our faith.

Robertson has been consistent in his beliefs. In an interview about the film with conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, Robertson was asked, "What do you think is the biggest threat to the continued success of America? Do you think it's external threats from the Islamic world? Do you think it's stuff at home we're getting wrong?"

Robertson responds, "It's a spiritual fix. We need to repent and renounce our sin. We need to raise our children with moms and dads at the helm, male and female."

He adds, "We have to vet our thinking through the Bible."


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