Pivotal Time for the Preborn

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 23, 2021   

Converging movements, disparate decisions

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Bishop Joseph Naumann: "It's a sad day, especially for us as Catholics, to see a president who professes to be Catholic doing these things that are so contrary to our moral teaching."

Politics, courts and religion are converging to make the next year a pivotal one for the innocent unborn in America. Texas passed its "heartbeat law," and the Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning Dec. 1 on a Mississippi case that may serve to undo Roe v. Wade.
The high court, stacked with Trump appointees, now seems open to overturning the Supreme Court decision of 48 years ago.

News reporter: "There would be no reason for the court to agree to take this case unless the conservatives think they have a majority, at a minimum to uphold the Mississippi law and perhaps to go much further."
On the other side, the Biden administration is doing everything it can to ensure the daily slaughter of innocents continues — indefinitely. In the midst of the new Texas law, the Department of Health and Human Services is providing new grants and protections to abortion providers.
And HHS secretary fake-Catholic Xavier Becerra is assuring baby-killers, "We have your back." Yet, like Biden, that doesn't stop him from pushing his Catholic credentials.

Xavier Becerra:

I know that right now as I speak, my mother has blessed me this morning as I got ready to come here. And last night I know when she prayed the Rosary as she does every day, every evening with my aunt, that she said a prayer and included me in that prayer.

In addition, fake-Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced earlier this month the House of Representatives will vote on the so-called Women's Health Protection Act. The U.S. Catholic bishops call it the "most radical abortion bill of all time."
It would codify into law abortion on demand, erase conscience provisions for health care workers and nullify all state pro-life laws.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas: "Today's elected Democrats are so radical, so hostile to unborn life that they not only oppose these laws, they are working to protect these inhumane acts."
It's not lost on the faithful that the Culture of Death is being defended by anti-Catholic Catholics Biden, Pelosi and Becerra. 
With all this coming to the surface, it looks like 2022 may be a key year for preborn children in America — and the culture war at large.

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