Planned Parenthood Calls Cops on Christmas Carolers

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by Anita Carey  •  •  December 20, 2018   

Christmas season brings out the best and worst in people

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CHICAGO ( - Planned Parenthood called the police to stop Christmas carolers outside their abortion mill responsible for nine botched abortions.

Of the many events Pro-Life Action League sponsors and recommends, their "Peace in the Womb" events are one of the most loved by those that take part. This is the 16th year they have combined sidewalk counseling with the message of Christmas hoping to "bring the light of Christmas to one of the darkest places in our land," as their press release explains.

Church Militant spoke with Eric Scheidler, the executive director of Pro-Life Action League, who said the popularity of the events led them to recruit other pro-lifers from around the country to hold their own events starting in 2013.

"This year, carols will be sung at nearly 100 abortion facilities nationwide," Scheidler said.

On Saturday, around 90 carolers participated in two separate tours of seven abortion mills in Chicago and DuPage County, Illinois. Scheidler said as soon as the carolers arrived at Planned Parenthood of Illinois, the clinic escorts called the police.

Police told them to move 50 feet away from the clinic entrance per the city's "Bubble Zone" ordinance. Scheidler said the group was eventually able to convince the police that they were misinterpreting the ordinance and "they finally backed down."

"In fact, we have sued the city of Chicago over this and reached a settlement on part of the case," Scheidler said. "The police should have been trained not to make such unlawful demands."

The Bubble Zone ordinance was passed in 2009 and is supposed to block sidewalk counselors from approaching women once they are within 50 feet of an abortion mill's entrance.

Pro-Life Action League, Live Pro Life Group and four sidewalk counselors, with the help of Thomas More Society, filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago claiming the law violates their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The suit also alleges the Chicago Police Department is prejudiced against pro-life advocates and they have been falsely arrested and harassed.

Scheidler said the city of Chicago has settled a portion of that suit but "the remainder of our case against the Bubble Zone is awaiting a ruling from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals."

"There have been at least nine botched abortions at this Planned Parenthood unlicensed and uninspected abortion facility," he continued.

The latest in a long string of injuries happened on Oct. 6. Cheryl Sullenger, senior vice president of Operation Rescue, writing for LifeNews said it is "among the most dangerous abortion facilities in the U.S."

For some women, the carols really get them to reconsider.

According to 911 records, the 19-year-old abortion patient was bleeding heavily from her uterus and vomiting after an abortion procedure. There was no doctor present at the time of the 911 call, and this woman had to be taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Scheidler explained that it could have been worse for this woman, explaining:

In 2012, a young woman named Tonya Reaves died after a botched abortion there. Planned Parenthood failed to call 911 as Reaves was hemorrhaging. She later died at Northwestern Hospital, and Planned Parenthood later paid out a $2 million settlement to her family.

It is this type of horror and the later regret for killing their own children the sidewalk counselors are hoping to spare the women from.

"The message of the Christmas angels is, 'Be not afraid.' This is the same message our carolers are sharing with abortion-minded mothers," Scheidler said. "Whatever fear might be bringing them to the abortion clinic, we want to help, in any way that we can."

Planned Parenthood worker with condom tree

"Babies are saved nearly every year during the caroling, with at least six saved from abortion in 2016 alone," he said.

"For some women, the carols really get them to reconsider," he added. "For others, it may be that the carols are what lead them to repentance in the future, with the memory of their abortion linked to the Christmas season in this powerful way."

Scheidler said the first year they sang, a woman inside American Women's Medical Center in Chicago was so moved by "Silent Night" that she canceled her appointment.

"We had deliberately moved as close to the waiting room as we could on the public sidewalk and raised our voices," he said, adding, "Had we not done so, perhaps she wouldn't have heard us and her child would not now be celebrating his 15th Christmas this year."

He said the clinic workers response to the carolers differs from how they usually respond to the sidewalk counselors. He said once a Planned Parenthood worker came out of the facility with a "condom tree."

This year, some abortion workers tried to drown out the carolers with noisemakers. Scheidler said last year, "A woman came out at Access Health Center in Downers Grove with the most vulgar sweatshirt imaginable and rang a little bell during our caroling — even after an elderly woman collapsed and paramedics come out!"

Scheidler explained other times there is a completely different response. He said last year as they were leaving, "One of the clinic escorts at Family Planning Associates in Chicago wished the carolers a Merry Christmas ... with complete sincerity."

"Peace in the Womb" pro-life Christmas caroling events are still being held in locations throughout the country. Those who are interested in joining can find information here.

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