Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigil

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by Christine Niles  •  •  April 14, 2019   

Held Saturday in Michigan and more than 140 locations all across the country

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A vigil of prayer and protest, pro-lifers gathering outside the Planned Parenthood in Ferndale Michigan Saturday praying for an end to abortion.

Inspired in part by the hit film Unplanned, which showcased the power of prayer to change hearts and minds on abortion, locals came together here and all across the nation at more than 140 locations giving witness to the dignity and sanctity of life.

Dr. Monica Miller, veteran of the pro-life movement, helping to lead the rally, explaining the importance of giving public witness to the dignity of the unborn: "Because I think that it's important for us to proclaim to the public that we're not apathetic about what's going on inside of this Planned Parenthood clinic."

Offering her own thoughts on the movie Unplanned: "It is the first feature film that actually shows abortion. That's why it's got the R rating. But abortion is R rated."

No counterprotestors, just a peaceful gathering of mostly Catholics praying the Rosary and the chaplet of Divine Mercy, lifting their voice in prayer and song, asking for an end to the abortion empire and a renewal of the country's commitment to protecting all life — including the most vulnerable.

Christine Niles. Church Militant. Ferndale.


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