Planned Parenthood’s Propaganda Conference

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by Anita Carey  •  •  August 1, 2018   

Pushing support for Democratic Party

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Planned Parenthood is hammering its election message into activists.

Over the weekend, their political action group held the Power of Pink conference in Detroit, Michigan, pushing so-called reproductive justice and the importance of a pink wave to about 2,000 conference attendees.

At the closing plenary, one speaker said, "Planned Parenthood is a non-partisan organization. But unfortunately, in this moment that we're in right now, Democrats largely support reproductive health issues and Republicans don't."

The attendees had the same message, that Planned Parenthood is more than just abortions — messages that Planned Parenthood uses in their advertisements, claiming, "There is no judgment, no agenda, just exceptional health care."

All of those we spoke to admitted they do not support abortion.

They were unaware of the accusations against Planned Parenthood for trafficking aborted baby parts, shrugging off the news as in the past or written off as just bringing people down. They explained their support for the abortion giant in positive, emotional appeals that echo media propaganda about how much health care and education Planned Parenthood provides.

Conference workshops also focused on LGBT and immigration justice and how activists can take their message to local legislators.

With Trump winning Michigan by only 0.2 percent, it's a key battleground state for Democrats.

Protestors picketing the event were unwelcome and were the target of hostility and ridicule by the attendees.

Planned Parenthood also tried to censor our content. One employee, rejecting the notion of a free press, even told Church Militant they hadn't vetted us and therefore we weren't allowed to report on their conference.

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