Poland Set to Pass Law Denouncing Sex Education as Grooming

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 15, 2020   

Pushes forward with 'Stop Pedophilia' bill

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WARSAW, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) - Catholic Poland's fight against the onslaught of LGBT ideology, which threatens to impose a new, totalitarian regime on that country, continues to gain traction.

Dr. Błażej Kmieciak

One recent pièce de résistance is the "Stop Pedophilia" bill now being considered by Poland's Sejm (the Polish house of representatives), which according to Ordo Iuris Institute is designed to protect children, particularly "from harmful content smuggled in during sex education classes."

The Institute, represented by a team of lawyers who believe in the active defense of the Polish Constitution, maintains "the most important goal of the proposed changes is to counteract public propagation or praise of pedophilia."

The bill opposes a comprehensive sex education program, infused with gender ideology and approved by the World Health Organization, that grooms children for and familiarizes them with homosexuality and teaches young children about masturbation, all of which runs counter to traditional family values, according to its authors. The sex education program would become mandatory in all schools.

"We have the full right to say that homosexual activities are a sin," said Dr. Błażej Kmieciak, coordinator of the Institute's Bioethics Center, pushing back on LGBT activists who claim the right to censor public opinion and silence Catholic voices.

The provisions of the bill are fully consistent with the Constitution and European Union law, the Institute points out, and are in accordance with art. 72 section 1 of the Basic Law which stipulates that "anyone can demand the protection of children against demoralization."

The project has been supported by almost 260 thousand people.

As Polish lawmakers move closer to a vote, opposition from pro-LGBT forces intensifies.

We have the full right to say that homosexual activities are a sin.

Human Rights Watch alleged that the bill would criminally ensnare numerous groups of professionals simply for discussing LGBTQ identity, stating: "People and organizations providing sexuality education or information on sexual and reproductive health and rights — including teachers, outreach workers, authors, and health care personnel — fear the bill could land them in prison for up to three years for doing their jobs."

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President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen created a petition called "We're Under Attack in Poland" urging Poles to denounce what she calls "human rights infringements."

Hillary Margolis, senior women's rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, criticized proponents with the following statement:

Given its track record of undercutting the rule of law, it is fitting that the government would move to pass abusive laws when the public demonstrations that have met these laws before are prohibited ... The Polish government's focus during the pandemic should be to protect people's health and rights, not diminish them.

Both domestic and international critics have complained that Poland's conservative government is playing foul by bringing the controversial proposal to a vote during the Wuhan pandemic.

Archbishop Jędraszewsk's comparison of the rainbow oppression with the red oppression of the communists is not infrequently noted in Poland.
Abp. Marek Jedraszewski

Catholic Church leaders have become a special target for lending support to the bill. Bondings 2.0, a New Ways Ministry blog providing space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender "Catholics" lamented how "Polish church leadership has energized the country's regressive political agenda."

The blog pointed to Krakow Abp. Marek Jędraszewsk, in particular, who in a homily last year declared that Poland was now under siege by the "rainbow plague" of LGBT ideologues. He compared LGBT activism with the oppressive "red plague" of the communist regime.

Archbishop Jędraszewsk's comparison of the rainbow oppression with the red oppression of the communists is not infrequently noted in Poland.

Polish priest Dariusz Oko has observed that marches promoting gender ideology and communism were "often organized by the same people," something perhaps less apparent in countries as large and as diverse as the United States.

During a July interview with the Polish radio station Radio Maryja following the highly organized June LGBT marches throughout Poland, Oko said, "The same people who announced communism yesterday, today preach genderism," adding, "The same people (or their physical or spiritual children), who proclaimed the praises of Stalinism and its communist crimes, are now preaching genderism and applying similar methods."

He defined genderism as "a mutation of communism," explaining:

Atheists, who rejected God and considered themselves superhuman, confessed communism and committed the greatest genocides in history. But when communism was disgraced by its crimes and economic disasters, it needed a different ideology, and this ideology is genderism. This is the main ideology of atheists today. By fomenting the struggle between women and men, through the alleged liberation of sexual minorities, they want to achieve full power.

"As atheists from Moscow tried to impose communism on us," continued Oko, "atheists from Brussels try to impose genderism."

Polish Catholics are facing an uphill battle not only in seeing the bill pass into law but also in hanging onto their faith. Poland is one of Europe's most devoutly Catholic and socially conservative countries, although leftist and LGBT tributaries continue to wind themselves throughout the country and insinuate themselves into everyday life.

Father Oko said LGBT activists "will not let go and as long as they live, they will want to corrupt our children. We can't allow this!"

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