Poland Passes Anti-Pedophilia Law

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 17, 2019   

Angry leftists claim it will prevent 'sex education'

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WARSAW, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) - Polish lawmakers are proposing a law criminalizing the sexualization of children.

On Wednesday Poland's ruling conservative Law and Justice party passed a law, called Stop Pedophilia, which criminalizes the promotion of underage sexual activity. It's now scheduled to go to a parliamentary committee to discuss specific ways it will be implemented.

The law also promotes the teaching of pro-life values in school along with abstinence and the evil of contraception use. It's intended to address the "limited autonomy" and the limited understanding of underage children regarding sexual grooming and sexualization.


Besides seeking to protect children against pedophilia, it also seeks to limit the exposure of minors to content stimulating their sexuality.

The bill was submitted to lawmakers in July, along with a petition signed by 300,000 Polish citizens, asking to amend the criminal code in the Polish Constitution to increase legal protections for minors. It's a continuation of previous attempted legal reforms going back to 2004.

On the day parliament passed the law, leftist protesters dressed in black and red, the color used by violent leftist organization Antifa, stood outside parliament in Warsaw and in other cities in Poland.

The protesters and leftist lawmakers assert the law will make sex education a criminal act, with protesters carrying signs saying, "Education protects against violence" and "Banning sex education is rape."

Leftist lawmakers also spoke out. Sociologist and leftist lawmaker Magdalena Biejat told protesters, "I have children who don't yet go to school. I would like to be able to talk to them one day about sex. This poorly written bill prevents me from doing so. It violates the Constitution."

She also declared, "We will form potential paedophile victims," adding the law "creates an environment in which children won't know how to say 'no' nor will they know when to say 'yes.' One where they won't be able to talk to teachers or doctors."

Anton Lawandowski, a spokesman and activist from the sex education organization the Ponton Group, commented, "The attempt to limit access to education is a direct attack on all of us," adding, "Many people I know who do sex education are scared to do our work despite the fact that it is a basic right of every person."

The Stop Pedophilia Project is promoted by the Polish pro-family group Ordo Iuris (OI) which continues to be under attack from leftist organizations who label it an "ultra-conservative Catholic fundamentalist network."

OI representatives deny that parents and educators will be unable to discuss sex with children and students. Nikodem Bernaciak commented, "Opposing the project as an alleged act on the prohibition of sex education can only prove the intentions of protest organizers who mistakenly equate sex education with sexualization of children."

Despite leftist protests, Poland is still a largely Catholic country with many of its citizens agreeing with more Christian-based legislation.

In September a law was shelved after massive public outcry when the mayor of Warsaw attempted to implement an aggressive document introducing LGBT themes to young school children in city schools. It included classes on homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality, in effect implementing the World Health Organization standards that include encouraging early childhood children to touch and sexually gratify themselves.

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