Polish Magazine: Islamic Migrants “Raping” Europe

by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 17, 2016   

"Muslims carry a conflict with the Western world in itself as part of its consciousness"

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WARSAW (ChurchMilitant.com) - A Polish magazine is calling out the Islamic migrant inundation of Europe, describing it as the "hell and suicide of Europe."

The magazine wSieci shows a woman wrapped in the flag of the European Union (EU) being assaulted by men with darker skin, accompanied by the headline "The Islamic Rape of Europe."

The picture and article are considered shocking since countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom are using measures some consider draconian to quash any dissent on the accommodation of Muslim men in Europe.

Poland is one of the few members of the EU openly addressing the controversial migrant situation in Europe. The article describes the culture of Islam and Europe as being at war "over the last 14 centuries." Although Europe was founded on Christian principals, the article claims it now "smacks of nihilism," quoting historian Arnold Toynbee that "[c]ivilizations do not die, they commit suicide."

Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia — all members of the EU — have also been vocal about Islamic migrants, fighting against the imposition of quotas.

The EU is imposing a fine of 0.002 percent of the gross domestic product on any country refusing quotas. Slovakia has consistently refused the EU's quotas and could be fined over $200 million. It is pledging to accept migrants but only as long as they are Christian. Muslims are being refused on the basis that there are no mosques there and they wouldn't "feel at home." EU representatives are claiming it's "discrimination" to block migrants based on religion and want Slovakia to comply.

A number of events worldwide have given member countries cause for concern. Video of a refugee camp in Calais, France, shows angry, rioting, military-aged Muslims. French aid workers are regularly harassed there and some have been raped.

Another video shows a mob of Muslim men, led by socialist agitators, throwing bricks at a man and his family, chasing him into his own house. The man emerges with an airsoft gun that shoots small plastic pellets. Instead of the migrants facing legal repercussions for their aggression, the man is arrested by police for brandishing the toy gun.

Young boys are frequent targets of sexual violence. In Austria, a Muslim man from Iraq raped a 10-year-old boy at a public pool, claiming he had a "sexual emergency."

Germany has been plagued with problems, especially in the form of sexual violence. Sexual harassment and rape has gone up exponentially according to people who are speaking out. There are no official numbers because the German government consistently downplays, ignores or outright punishes whistleblowers and victims who report on attacks.

On New Year's Eve, Muslim men attacked women all over Germany. Police were tied up with reports of sexual violence against women and the majority of men arrested were released. In some cases, Muslim men were caught in the act, but police were not allowed to arrest them.

A man in the United Kingdomm is being charged by police for saying "offensive" things against migrants on Facebook.

Although Poland is a Catholic country, it's getting little support from prelates in the Church. ChurchMilitant.com reported previously that Cdl. Reinhard Marx, head of the German Catholic bishops, is urging people to allow Islamic migrants into their countries — athough he's recently said Germany should reduce the number of refugees permitted into the country, claiming Germany can't "take in all the world's needy," and asking for "charity but also reason." He singled out Poland for not meeting its quota, urging the country to comply with the EU's demands as soon as possible.


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