Polish Prelate Warns of Bishops Who Choose Ideology Over Doctrine

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by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 6, 2015   

"Some [bishops] are so determined to introduce innovations that they do not even accept the official teachings of the Church"

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WARSAW (ChurchMilitant.com) - Some bishops believe more in worldly ideology than they do the infallible doctrines of the Church.

That's what Abp. Henryk Hoser, one of three Polish bishops at last month's Synod on the Family, recently told a Polish news outlet in an interview published Wednesday.

Asked about what may be involved with prelates, such as certain ones in Germany, who now explicitly demand sacrilegious Communion for civilly divorced and "remarried" Catholics, Abp. Hoser noted, "Not following the voice of the Church always leads to undesirable situations."

He went on to lament that "some [bishops] are so determined to introduce innovations that they do not even accept the official teachings of the Church."

"They are very susceptible to any ideology," said the archbishop, "probably the effect of the philosophy of idealism."

The Polish prelate also spoke out against the West's moral decay being spread throughout the world in what has come to be called "ideological colonization."

"We are seeing today the expansion across the whole world of the decadent culture of the West; likewise marriage and family life are feeling the effects of this globalization," warned Abp. Hoser. "This decadence threatens other continents, where its effect can be even more brutal."

Ideological colonization was most recently condemned in the final report of the Ordinary Synod, which stated that "it is unacceptable for the local churches to be pressured on [sodomy] or that international organizations condition financial help to poor countries to the introduction of laws that institute the 'marriage' between same-sex people."

One of the tactics of Western international agencies hell-bent on exporting corrosive liberal values to poorer nations is to "divide and conquer" — to create a division between the older and younger generations, between parents and their children.

"[T]he older generations' role is to be marginalized," he said, "for parents are the biggest 'brake' in the implementation of these cultural projects."

Apparently Abp. Hoser's assistant of 20 years, who attended the Synod representing Rwanda, "spoke of  the creation of special clubs where children were taught to oppose their parents."

The archbishop ultimately sees the current crisis as being rooted in a personal rejection of the meaning and importance of embracing suffering in a profoundly Christian way.

"The most difficult thing, and contrary to the spirit of the world," declared Abp. Hoser, "is to give a reminder of what is not spoken of — for it is very difficult for the people of today to accept — that life is the carrying of the Cross."

Translation of Abp. Hoser's interview courtesy of Toronto Catholic Witness.


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