Polish Priest: Those Who Pushed Communism Now Push Gender Ideology

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 25, 2019   

Fr. Dariusz Oko: 'Genderism is a mutation of communism'

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TORUŃ, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) - Polish priest and professor Fr. Dariusz Oko is linking advocates of gender ideology to those who previously peddled communism.

In an interview publicized Wednesday with the Polish radio station Radio Maryja, Oko identifies those pushing genderism as communist sympathizers.

"The same people who announced communism yesterday, today preach genderism," said Oko. "The same people (or their physical or spiritual children), who proclaimed the praises of Stalinism and its communist crimes, are now preaching genderism and applying similar methods."

Oko, best known for his 2012 explosive exposé With the Pope Against the Homoheresy heralding the crisis of homosexual clergy, is an expert on the pro-LGBT movement.

Being from Poland, which was under the communist boot for decades, he's also well-versed in pro-communist rhetoric. Referring to the communist May Day marches, Oko noted marches promoting gender ideology and communism were "often organized by the same people."

He further described how genderism was "a mutation of communism."

Atheists, who rejected God and considered themselves superhuman, confessed communism and committed the greatest genocides in history. But when communism was disgraced by its crimes and economic disasters, it needed a different ideology, and this ideology is genderism. This is the main ideology of atheists today. By fomenting the struggle between women and men, through the alleged liberation of sexual minorities, they want to achieve full power.

"As atheists from Moscow tried to impose communism on us," explained Oko, "atheists from Brussels try to impose genderism."
He added that both groups use similar tactics or "mechanisms." He noted that so-called genderists who promote gender ideology, as well as communists, always want to be seen as victims as a means of silencing opposition.
"Genderists try to create the impression that everyone who criticizes them with just one sentence is just as bad as the villain who threw a stone," he said. "In this way, they want to silence their critics. The communists did likewise. Those who often opposed communism, they called fascists or Nazis."

A professor at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Oko met with Michael Voris for an interview in 2016.

During that interview, Oko confirmed the existence of a "gay mafia" made up of homosexual priests and bishops operating within the Church. Based on his research at that time, Oko estimated that 10% of the clergy worldwide were homosexuals — but in Rome, the number went up to 50% who were gay.

For this reason, said Oko, many clerics won't resist the pro-LGBT movement.

"There is most definitely a problem with homosexual bishops in the universal Church," he remarked. "Pope Benedict dethroned 70 such bishops worldwide who either covered up pedophile priests or who themselves were active in homosexual relationships."

This is one reason why Oko is one of few clerics who will fight against pro-LGBT ideology — which includes genderism. Father Oko explained that those with homosexual tendencies dislike the "warrior mentality" needed by Christians to fight evils like genderism or communism.

As atheists from Moscow tried to impose communism on us, atheists from Brussels try to impose genderism.

"[T]hey will not emulate Our Lord as the warrior, as the counter symbol to the prevailing evil," he remarked. "They will try to orient the Church to being emotional, to having a dialogue with everybody, turning the Church into a 'safe space.' They don't like battle or confrontation."

During his interview with Radio Maryja, Oko emphasized that leftists pushing gender ideology want to provoke violent reactions so they can be victimized and thus score political points.

He uses pro-LGBT activist Janusz Palikot, who promotes such violence to gain "political points," as an example:

Gendererists organize parades in which other people, especially Christians and Catholics, are degraded in the worst way. They get close to them, tear their holy symbols and they think that's OK. Why are they doing it? They want to provoke a reaction. As Palikot himself says, they dream of someone beating them to say he threw a stone. They deliberately provoke it themselves.

Oko finished his interview with calling out pro-LGBT activists for mislabeling their opposition as homophobic in order to sideline them. If homophobia were true, he said, then "over 90%" of Polish people are homophobes and thus "full of hatred, prejudice and fears" of gay people — a claim he dismissed as fraudulent.


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