Polls Show Americans Believe Trump Clear Winner in Presidential Debate

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by Christine Niles  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 27, 2016   

Millions of online votes were cast in favor of Trump

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HEMPSTEAD, NY (ChurchMilitant.com) - Multiple online polls show Americans believe Donald Trump emerged the clear winner in Monday night's presidential debate.

Held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, the Republican presidential nominee went head to head with Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, who maintained a calmer, more scripted demeanor compared to the blunt and impassioned rhetoric for which Trump is known.

In spite of the near-consensus in the headlines that Clinton won the debate, multiple online polls show that millions of Americans disagree, casting votes in favor of Trump as the clear winner.

It's no great surprise that conservative Drudge Report shows Trump crushing Clinton, with 82 percent of Americans believing he won compared to a dismal 18 percent in favor of Clinton out of nearly 800,000 votes cast. More remarkable are the liberal magazines whose audiences appear to agree that Trump bested Clinton in Monday night's sparring match.

Drudge Report

As of press time, with more than 1.5 million votes cast, Time Magazine shows Trump won the debate, with 55 percent of the vote as compared to Clinton's 45 percent — a full 10-point lead.


With nearly a million votes cast, CNBC, another liberal-leaning site, also shows Trump winning the debate, outmatching Clinton by a full 34 points: 67 percent of voters believe Trump won, as opposed to 33 percent in favor of Clinton.


With 602,000 votes cast, Fortune Magazine shows 52 percent of Americans believe Trump won, as opposed to 48 percent in favor of Clinton.


CBS New York, with nearly 100,000 votes cast, show Trump taking the lead at 57,000 votes over Clinton's 37,000 — a 20,000-vote lead. That's a 60 to 40 percent ratio.

CBS New York

And left-leaning Slate Magazine, which showed 42,000 votes cast last night immediately after the debate (but which fails to provide the number of votes this morning), shows Trump again the clear winner, taking a 10-point lead over his rival, with 55 percent of the vote compared to Clinton's 45 percent.

In spite of headlines written by left-leaning media, the millions of Americans who have weighed in on the first presidential debate of election season show a more accurate picture of the national political landscape.


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