Pope Francis Must Resign: Criminal Probe Widens

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 6, 2018   

NY AG to investigate Catholic Church

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We have big news on two fronts for you today, one on a federal level, the other from not one, but two states.

First: the state level.

Just moments ago, the state of New Jersey announced it will launch a statewide investigation of the Catholic dioceses in the Garden State in relation to clerical sex abuse and cover-up by the bishops.

New Jersey, of course, will provide a "target-rich" environment, given that two of its dioceses — Metuchen and Newark — were home to homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick, who abused his power with seminarians for decades and staff covered it up.

This followed on an announcement — just hours earlier — the New York state attorney general's office will launch its own Pennsylvania-style grand jury probe into the eight dioceses of the Church in New York state — another target rich environment for clerical sexual assault and cover-up.

The 8 dioceses of New York are: Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York, Ogdensburg, Rochester, Rockville Centre and Syracuse.

The New York and New Jersey announcements are the biggest shoes to drop so far in this ever-widening investigation of sexual abuse and cover-up by bishops in the United States.

The announcements bring to eight the total number of states that have either conducted an investigation and are either currently doing so or talking about it.

The recently concluded Pennsylvania probe, of course; it was the first of its kind statewide investigation.

Then other states started to pop: Missouri, home to the St. Louis archdiocese.

Then Illinois, home, of course, to the Chicago archdiocese and its decades of covering up homosexual abuse and harassment by those in authority.

Next was Nebraska, and then earlier this afternoon, of course, the big announcement from New York, followed immediately afterward by the announcement from New Jersey.

Another big state, Florida, is also in closed door discussions about if and when to announce its own probe.

Late yesterday, New Mexico also announced it has contacted Catholic dioceses in that state asking them to gather their files for review.

Far from the silence of Pope Francis, being copied by various U.S. prelates in hopes of stonewalling, what is now happening is that government investigations are going to keep attention focused on this evil as state after state goes after the cover-up one by one.

What Catholics can now come to anticipate is a never-ending story, constantly pouring out for years, of bishops covering up and then attempting to cover-up their cover-ups. All these sins are going to be made public.

Now, we said we had another big news story to bring you — this one exclusive to Church Militant — and this is the one thing Pope Francis and the Vatican did not want to hear.

Church Militant has learned that a memo is now circulating in Washington, D.C. about how multiple state attorneys general offices can coordinate their efforts with the U.S. Justice Department in a single nationwide investigation of the cover-up of sexual abuse throughout the United States.

We've known since the day after the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that various states have been exploring the possibility of their own investigations.

What Catholics can now come to anticipate is a never-ending story, constantly pouring out for years, of bishops covering up and then attempting to cover-up their cover-ups.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said so on a radio interview with NPR:

Audie Cornish: "How many other states have contacted you saying that they intend to or are thinking about convening grand juries similar to this one?"

Josh Shapiro: "I've had many private conversations over the last 48 hours with other state attorneys general and prosecutors in other states who have expressed interest in doing the kind of work we did in Pennsylvania."

But Shapiro went even further on Aug. 27 and told The New York Times that the federal government had been in touch with him.

NYT: "Should Jeff Sessions open a federal grand jury investigation on Catholic clergy child sex abuse?"

Josh Shapiro: "I have spoken to a representative of the Department of Justice. Beyond that, I do not think it would be prudent for me to comment."

NYT: "Did they reach out to you?"

Josh Shapiro: "Yes."

NYT: "After the release?"

Josh Shapiro: "Yes. After the release, and related to the release of our report."

A coordinated effort between multiple state attorneys general and the Department of Justice would more than likely mean the much-dreaded RICO investigation that higher-ups in the Vatican have been fearing for weeks because it would directly embroil the Vatican in all this.

That would be the nightmare scenario for the Francis pontificate, especially given the bombshell revelations of Abp. Viganò two weeks ago where he directly tied American hierarchy into the coverups along with Pope Francis.

And further to all this, Church Militant has also learned that Cardinals McCarrick and Wuerl were both working behind the scenes with Pope Francis' Vatican, anticipating and preparing for a Hillary victory in 2016, laying the groundwork for the Vatican to start working with a Clinton White House to advance a worldwide liberal agenda.

That, of course, did not happen. What has happened instead is a frosty relationship between Rome and Washington, D.C., even somewhat visible during the May 2017 visit of President Donald Trump to the Vatican to see the Pope.

It seems liberal and homosexualists in the Vatican can now do nothing except stand by and watch the Francis pontificate get buried under a mound of scandal and cover-ups.

Sources tell Church Militant that in the private meeting between the two leaders — away from the cameras — President Trump let the Pope know that he was soon going to sign an executive order regarding human rights violations and penalties that was partially being drawn up to address the sex abuse crisis and its cover-up in the Church.

True to his word, Trump did indeed sign such an order on Dec. 21 of the same year — six months later — and the threat of that order's penalties is what sent various dioceses around the country scrambling to establish victims compensations funds — a strategy of beating the feds to the punch.

The two major linchpins, the connections between Pope Francis and the Hillary campaign and its liberal agenda were the now disgraced and former cardinal and homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick — protected by an entire cadre of senior U.S. churchmen who profited from his remaining in power, as well as current Washington, D.C. archbishop Cdl. Donald Wuerl who is under withering fire to step down and disappear.

Church Militant reported exclusively last week that Wuerl has been planning a potential escape plan out of the U.S. should a federal investigation officially fire up and he becomes a target.

According to our sources, he has been in consultations with the Pope regarding fleeing the United States for Rome if and when such a time comes as the Vatican deems it necessary.

Church Militant has been following this story very closely, with multiple sources in Washington and Rome, and it appears events are unfolding exactly as our sources have been telling us.

To recap:

  • Various states would start launching individual probes following Pennsylvania grand jury report.
  • Senior Church leadership would deflect and publicly fall silent.
  • Once a sufficient number of states had done so - a joint effort would begin.
  • That joint effort would then involve the US Justice Department.
  • That federal involvement would result in something like a RICO investigation.
  • The Vatican is MOST fearful of a US federal government involvement.
  • Wuerl, and perhaps others, are laying escape plans for an if/when scenario.

And just today as well, Legatus, the highly esteemed Catholic businessmen association founded by billionaire Tom Monaghan, announced, given everything going on, it was suspending its annual donation or tithe to the Holy See until questions of propriety and impropriety could be answered sufficiently.

Pope Francis may choose to keep his silence, and the homosexualist advisors he has surrounded himself with may follow suit, but it appears their silence and stonewalling may not be enough as the tide of public opinion increasingly turns against them and now with the state of New York officially launching its investigation and the looming prospect of the U.S. government also about to, it seems liberal and homosexualists in the Vatican can now do nothing except stand by and watch the Francis pontificate get buried under a mound of scandal and cover-ups, both in Rome as well as the United States.


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