Pope Sends Message to Medjugorje Followers

by Christine Niles  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 10, 2015   

The Holy Father warned against seeking after novelty

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ROME, June 10, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) - Pope Francis seems to be sending a veiled message to the followers of Medjugorje.

In his homily Tuesday morning at Casa Santa Marta, he warned against various ways of watering down one's Christian identity. Among them include seeking "after novelty," including supernatural messages and apparitions.

Characterizing these individuals as Christians who forget who they are, he joked that they ask questions like, "Where are the visionaries who can tell us exactly what message Our Lady will be sending at four o'clock this afternoon?"

The alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been occurring like clockwork in the small Bosnian town of Medjugorje since 1981, when a group of children claimed they were receiving heavenly messages from Mary. She's reportedly been appearing to them regularly ever since, giving thousands of messages over the course of more than three decades. The alleged apparitions have turned the once-sleepy Bosnian village into a travel destination for millions of pilgrims and tourists, launching the seers to international fame as they travel the globe on lucrative speaking tours.

At least three of the original six visionaries claim to still be receiving messages daily from Our Lady. Her appearances are so regular, in fact, that she seems to appear on command at the seers' whim.

In 2012, visionary Marija Pavlovic Lunetti was scheduled to speak at the National Medjugorje Conference at the University of Notre Dame, complete with a scheduled apparition "streamed live ... on computers, iPhones, iPads and all droid devices!" The event was to take place at the Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center, but when a conflict occurred because of the university's basketball game scheduled to take place at the same time, the event — along with the apparition — was moved to a different time and place.

The Pope's homily remarks come in light of statements he made on the papal plane over the weekend indicating the Vatican's judgment on the controversial apparitions is coming soon.


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