Francis Slaps Medical Apartheid on Vatican

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  August 9, 2021   

Italians burn divisive Green Pass as clergy exclude 'dangerous' unjabbed

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VATICAN CITY ( - Vatican City is imposing a vaccine passport that will exclude unvaccinated persons and enforce institutionalized coercion and discrimination in violation of the Nuremberg Code, Italian constitution and a recent Council of Europe resolution

Fr. Paolo Busto bans the unvaccinated as "serious danger" 

Pope Francis has downloaded his so-called Green Pass and extended the imposition of the draconian Italian diktat to sovereign Vatican territory, Rai News reported, as several parish priests in Italy sparked outrage by banning unvaccinated parishioners from Holy Mass. 

While the Vatican Museums began enforcing the Green Pass Friday, the Holy See is planning to implement the ban to include nonreligious events within its precincts. Francis' general audience could be the first gathering to enforce the exclusion order this Wednesday. 

Extending the ban to attendance at Holy Mass would contravene canon law and a 2020 decree from the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) stating "vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary."

Catholics desiring to attend Francis' eucharistic celebrations in Budapest and Slovakia in September have already been told they will be prohibited from entering without proof of double vaccination. 

Protests Erupt

The Green Pass has triggered serial protests in France and Italy with hundreds of thousands marching in dozens of cities and Italian conscientious objectors who are fully vaccinated symbolically setting fire to vaccine passports as an act of civil disobedience. 

This alarm is exacerbated by the perception that a pope who has so often proclaimed solidarity with the outcasts is siding with the globalist elite.

On Saturday, protests erupted in 12 cities as people chanted slogans such as "Born free and we'll die free," "No Green Pass" and "Freedom."

"Even though France has a well-developed culture of protest, many have been surprised at the vigor of the protests against the imposition of vaccine passports," France-based theologian Fr. Athanasius St. Michel told Church Militant. 

Parliamentarians from Fratelli d'Italia Party protest against the Green Pass

"Perhaps, we still have fresh memories of enforced medical experimentation by the Nazis. Protestors proclaim they are fully aware that the COVID-19 shots have not been trialed properly and constitute a vast medical experiment," the cultural commentator explained. 

'Solidarity' Pope Sides With Elites

Father Athanasius St. Michel elaborated: 

In these contested circumstances, Catholics look to Rome for a lead that protects the freedom of conscience as much for those who refuse the vaccine as those who accept it. Francis' backing the expulsion of Catholics who resist forced medical interference by the State has caused distress and alarm amongst the faithful. 

This alarm is exacerbated by the perception that a pope who has so often proclaimed solidarity with the outcasts is siding with the globalist elite and their perceived project, making outcasts of his own flock as they seek to be obedient to their consciences.

Locals in Rome told Church Militant they felt betrayed by Pope Francis and regarded him as an elitist supporting other elites like Italian premier Mario Draghi. Ordinary people are willing to sacrifice their jobs rather than take the abortion-tainted experimental jab, they added. 

Vocal Defiance

A senior bureaucrat sent Church Militant an interactive map of thousands of restaurants, cafés and leisure centers across Italy that are defying the Green Pass despite the threat of heavy fines and even imprisonment. 

I'd like to reiterate that museums are by their vocation places of inclusion that grant equal access to art and culture as the right of all.

The Cavour Aquatic Park near Verona boldly announced on its website it would not require the Green Pass as a condition of entry and would welcome all visitors. 

The "Veiled Christ" sculpture and Dr. Fabrizio Masucci

Doctor Fabrizio Masucci, director of the world-renowned Sansevero Chapel Museum in Naples — famous for its 1753 sculpture of the "Veiled Christ" — resigned in protest at the Green Pass, excoriating the government for turning museums into "a battleground between opposing factions."

"If a museum is asked to renounce equal treatment for reasons that can only be perceived as instrumental," Masucci wrote in his resignation letter, "I'd like to reiterate that museums are by their vocation places of inclusion that grant equal access to art and culture as the right of all." 

Priests Shut Out the Faithful

Meanwhile, several priests are imposing arbitrary restrictions barring unvaccinated faithful from attending Holy Mass. 

Father Paolo Busto, rector of San Paolo parish in Casale Monferrato and director of two diocesan journals, was forced to remove a sign he posted on the church door, stating: "Whoever is not vaccinated is a serious danger. He is not welcome in this church."

"Let me be clear," Busto wrote in the diocesan publication, "whoever is not vaccinated puts his own health at risk (and this is his business) but above all that of others. They cannot, must not, be tolerated in their danger."

In Belmonte del Sannio, parish priest Fr. Francesco Martino notified the faithful: "Whoever is without vaccine stays out of the church."  

Whoever is without vaccine stays out of the church.

Father Pasquale Giordano, pastor of the Mater Ecclesiae church in Bernalda, Matera, warned parishioners on his Facebook page to "refrain from coming to church if they had no intention of vaccinating or taking a swab test."

"It is Christian charity to protect one's own health and that of others," he added, later explaining that his action was intended to protect "fragile people."  

Italian protestors compare the Green Pass to the Nazi Yellow Star

'Pass' Not Passing Legal Muster

Italy's Green Pass is facing pushback from lawyers and judges who have declared the decree "unconstitutional under both Italian and European legislation." 

The Permanent Observatory for Constitutional Legality has issued a 25-page document warning that the imposition of the vax passport "involves the very nature and essence of democracy."

Vax passports offer "no scientific guarantee of non-contagiousness" since "the vaccine is still in the experimental phase" the jurists argue. "Those who decide not to get vaccinated exercise a legitimate choice" and "their refusal must be protected and not cloaked in apocalyptic moralism."

Italy's Constitution guarantees "to remove those obstacles of an economic or social nature which constrain the freedom and equality of citizens" (Art. 3). 

While not obliging anyone "to undergo any health treatment except under the provisions of the law," the constitution clarifies that the law "may not under any circumstances violate the limits imposed by respect for the human person" (Art. 32).

Those who decide not to get vaccinated exercise a legitimate choice. Their refusal must be protected and not cloaked in apocalyptic moralism.

The Council of Europe Resolution 2361 (2021) orders governments to ensure "citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated if they do not wish to do so themselves."

Vatican: Doubling Down

In a January interview on Italian television channel TG5, the pontiff said doubting Thomases who refused to take the jab when it was safe possessed a "suicidal denialism."

Protests against the Green Pass outside Milan Cathedral

In February, the Vatican City State became the first country in the world to issue a decree threatening legally mandatory vaccinations and suggesting that employees could lose their job if they refuse to take the jab.

The Vatican later issued a damage control document toning down its earlier "no jab, no job" decree on mandatory vaccination for employees after a tsunami of negative publicity in the international media.

Church Militant contacted the Holy See Press Office for comment and clarification on the specific nature of the restrictions imposed by the Green Pass but received no response as of press time.

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