Pope’s New Partners Peddle Intrinsic Evils

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by Jules Gomes  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 11, 2020   

Council for Inclusive Capitalism packed with pro-abort, LGBT+ globalists

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VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) - Seeking to reset the economy under the slogan of "inclusive capitalism," Pope Francis has created a coalition of abortion and LGBTIQ+ supporting corporates.

Francis' partner MasterCard has created the LGBTIQ+ street 

Launched on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the "The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican" (CICV) is comprised of 27 of the world's top business leaders and intends to "create a more equitable, sustainable and trusted economic system."

The CICV lists "ethical behavior" as one of its "principles of governance" and is tasked with "answering the challenge by Pope Francis to apply principles of morality to business and investment practices."

'Ethical' Supporters Push Immorality

The pope, however, has not raised fundamental moral issues with his key partners in the CICV under the category of "ethical behavior," even though the Church condemns abortion and homosexuality as "intrinsically evil" and pornography as a "grave offense."

A majority of the pope's "guardians" (as the council members are called) include the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Kering group, Allianz, MasterCard, Estée Lauder, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, California state treasurer Fiona Ma and Johnson & Johnson  — who are on record promoting abortion, pansexuality, the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) and uncontrolled immigration.

Papal biographer and political theorist Paul Kengor told Church Militant that "many of these 'guardians' are terribly wrong on vital social-moral matters of great value to the Church:

In those areas, they're well outside of and, in fact, stand in grave violation of Church teachings. That does make them suspect in my eyes and in the eyes of many faithful Catholics. If we can't trust them on the most vital social-moral matters of the day, then how can we trust them as 'guardians' of responsible 'capitalism?'

While Kengor questions how Francis intends to "'reform' 'capitalism' via these globalist-elite 'guardians,'" Alexander Tschugguel, director of the St. Boniface Institute, is warning Catholics to "be deeply concerned by what is currently being sold to us under the slogan of 'inclusive capitalism.'"

Speaking to Church Militant, Tschugguel explained:

I think it is no coincidence that this new council was founded shortly after the World Economic Forum (WEF) started to promote the idea of the 'Great Reset.' The proposals being put forward by the WEF and this new council seek to undermine free initiative and private property. They go against Catholic social teaching, especially the teachings of Pope Leo XIII.

"What is behind the 'Great Reset' and 'inclusive capitalism' is nothing but pure communism," Tschugguel, who became famous for throwing Pachamama statues into the river Tiber during the Amazon Synod, warned.

Homosexuality, promiscuity and other abandonment of Christian morality have been identified in the U.S. Congressional Record as fundamental steps in weakening sovereign nations to communist takeover, in that they weaken the family and increase dependence on the State. 

If we can't trust them on the most vital social-moral matters of the day, then how can we trust them as 'guardians' of responsible 'capitalism?'

Catholics on social media are excoriating Francis for being "unequally yoked" with organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation which supported the racist pseudoscience of eugenics in Nazi Germany, but "today, though, they act as if this ugly part of their legacy never happened."

Rockefeller Foundation, now part of CICV, also funded America's two most destructive sexual revolutionaries: Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his "child rape-based sexual freedom agenda" and Margaret Sanger, founder of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

The initiative pushes "sustainable development," a U.N. push to eliminate private property

The philanthropic foundation currently funds the Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF), boasts about tasking researcher Riya Garg "to improve a person's abortion journey" and is a "major partner" in enabling "postabortion family planning services to be scaled up worldwide."

Rockefeller Foundation president Dr. Rajiv Shah addressed and sponsored the "Unfinished Business: An LGBTQ+ Summit," earlier in June.

What is behind the 'Great Reset' and 'Inclusive Capitalism' is nothing but pure communism.

The Ford Foundation was created with the "primary purpose" of dodging estate tax by placing "95% of company stock under the charge of the foundation," write David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin in The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America's Future.

"In recent years, the Ford Foundation's penchant for funding radical causes [including anti-Israel hatred] has been so extreme that even liberals otherwise supportive of Ford and its philanthropy have spoken out against some of its giving," Horowitz and Laskin note, underscoring the irony of "a left-wing foundation built with right-wing money."

Pope Francis with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

According to its grants database, Ford gave the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFEN) $1 million for "sexual and reproductive health and rights" and $800,000 to AIDS United, which campaigns for "reproductive justice."

AFEN contends that "mandatory pre-abortion counseling is a barrier to accessing safe abortion services" and campaigns to end this practice in Africa.

In 2019, Estée Lauder's Make-up Art Cosmetics, pledged $500,000 to Planned Parenthood over two years to help expand its chat program providing abortion information.

The cosmetic company also agreed to donate to the aborton giant 100% of proceeds from its VIVA GLAM lipsticks.

In 2016, the Center of the American Experiment think tank reported that the "Black Lives Matter movement will receive millions of dollars in funding from the Ford Foundation."

The CICV pledges "peace and justice" as a "key priority" area, campaigning primarily for "LGBTQ+ rights," BLM activism, climate change and open-door immigration policies.  

"For more than 25 years, Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in supporting the LGBTQ+ community through its employee policies, business practices and public advocacy," as "the company aims to be a strong ally during Pride Month — and beyond," its website states.

The glaring concern is that this partnership ends up as a public relations bonanza for the executives involved. 

In 2019, a MasterCard campaign added 10 new street signs below Christopher Street and Gay Street in New York City. The new signboards read: Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Non-Binary, Pansexual, Two Spirit, +, and #Acceptance streets.

Later at a panel discussion with the New York City Human Rights Commission, MasterCard unveiled the True Name card which allows gay and transgender or non-binary individuals to obtain a debit, credit or prepaid card with their preferred name on it.

Alexander Tschugguel warns against the CICV's communism 

The global luxury group, Kering, declares its commitment to "promote LGBTQIA+ diversity and inclusivity within the group," and says it is "extremely proud to celebrate and support Pride Month."

Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, supports BLM and promotes the "new left-wing original sin" of unconscious bias.

Elites Benefit Most From 'Inclusion'

In his academic study "From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage," Darel Paul describes "corporate America" as "normalization's most powerful ally" in the gay agenda.

"The country's largest firms began to normalize LGBT families by extending employment benefits to same-sex partners," writes Professor Paul. "Perhaps the most far-reaching corporate contribution to normalization is an increasing use of LGBT-themed advertising to mainstream audiences."

"Homosexuality has become so normal among Fortune 500 firms that they even market products generally associated with children with gay-inclusive ads," Paul observes.  

"And alas, why would Francis choose such people when there are millions of faithful Catholic businesspeople who support responsible 'capitalism' and are loyal to the Church's social-moral teachings?" asks Kengor, in comments to Church Militant.

Kengor elaborated:

The answer, sadly, is one that we've seen throughout the Francis papacy: This pope surrounds himself with and is most comfortable with leftists. It's that reality and tendency that has shaped his pontificate from start to finish, making it an agonizingly political and ideological papacy and fomenting a sea of confusion for the faithful worldwide. This initiative seems to be yet another reflection of that.

Forbes magazine underlined the irony of the CICV: "The same people who are calling for an end to wealth and income inequality are extraordinarily wealthy. Of course, the noted leaders like capitalism, it's been very good to them," noting that the pope's "guardians" are in the top 1% of the world's wealthiest people and the very "people that the pope points to when he calls out wealth inequality."

Homosexuality has become so normal among Fortune 500 firms that they even market products generally associated with children with gay-inclusive ads.

"Their massive wealth begs the question, since they have the financial means, why aren't they personally leading by example? Why not write a large personal check without claiming it as a tax write-off?" asked Forbes. "The wealthy elites could consider getting their own houses in order before trying to change the world."

"The glaring concern is that this partnership ends up as a public relations bonanza for the executives involved. They'll bask in the glory of favorable media attention and virtue signal how wonderful and caring they all are," Forbes concluded.

Alongside Pope Francis, Cdl. Peter Turkson, head of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, has been appointed to offer "moral guidance" to the council.

Turkson, who has previously condemned using the term "reproductive rights" for abortion and rejects gender ideology and homosexuality as human rights issues, has not denounced the abortion and pansexual agenda of the "guardians of Inclusive Capitalism."

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