Post-Election Power Struggle

News: Campaign 2022
by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  November 8, 2022   

Aftermath of the red hurricane

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Confusion and a degree of chaos always follow a national election as the winning party solidifies its power and leadership.

Assuming a major shift in power on Tuesday, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb anticipates what the aftermath of a "red wave" might look like.

Four years ago, Democrats won control of the U.S. House of Representatives. It ushered in an unruly freshman class that even a veteran politician like Nancy Pelosi ultimately was not able to manage.

In tonight's report, we'll peer into our political crystal ball to see whether the MAGA Republicans or the country club Republicans will win control of the party.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, D-Calif.: "We respect the value of every member of our caucus. The diversity of it all is a wonderful thing. Diversity is our strength. Unity is our power."

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was trying to put a positive spin on a very public confrontation with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and others) determined to steer the Democratic Party sharply to the Left.

Political analysts are predicting the aftermath of the red wave and the subsequent struggle for Republican leadership will make the dust-up between Pelosi and the "squad" look like a summer picnic.

Let's lay out the battle lines separating establishment and MAGA Republicans.

But first, let's establish where Republicans are united. They agree on:

  • How to manage the economy
  • Caring for the environment but rejecting the climate change narrative
  • Valuing human life
  • Controlling the border

But there are also very serious divisions.

MAGA Republicans, who dominate the grassroots and have the momentum, are wondering who's the greater threat — openly progressive Democrats or lukewarm, capitulating Republicans.

Michael Voris, executive producer, Church Militant: "Is it OK for a gay couple to adopt a boy?"

Matt Schlapp, chairman, American Conservative Union: "Oh boy! I don't know. What is the Church's policy on that?" 

MAGA Republicans are focused on:

  • Election integrity — they're not going to forget what happened in 2020
  • Accountability — a few key people are in the crosshairs (e.g., Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Chris Wray and Anthony Fauci)
  • And finally, MAGA Republicans will support Donald Trump for president in 2024

Current Republican leadership is in a shaky position. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is almost universally despised.

A late 2021 Gallup poll asked Americans their opinion of 11 key leaders. Mitch McConnell was at the bottom of the pack. How did he get there?

Well, 79% of Democrats disapprove; 65% of independents disapprove; and 54% of Republicans disapprove.

Kevin McCarthy, House minority leader, has stronger approval among Republicans, but only slightly.

It's not clear either of these two establishment Republicans will survive the red wave.

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