PP Apologist: Donating Baby Parts Just Like Donating Blood

by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 22, 2015   

"Helpful to understand what the money is for"

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Planned Parenthood apologist Dr. Anne Davis of the Physicians for Reproductive Health appeared on MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner Tuesday and compared the abortion conglomerate's operation of selling baby parts for profit to the simple action of donating blood.
Speaking on the Center for Medical Progress' video released Tuesday that showed Dr. Mary Gatter, president of Planned Parenthood's Medical Directors Council, haggling over prices for fetal tissue, Wagner asked Davis if she could "confirm" to what degree prices of "$50, 75 and $100 per fetus ... seem reasonable in the sort of the course of medical transport." Davis first stated it's "helpful to understand what the money is for" before going on to compare the situation with "costs associated with [the] donation" of giving "fetal tissue" over to "science."

So, imagine you do something familiar like go to donate blood. So, you go to donate blood. You go to the center. You have a technician who places an IV. You donate the blood. The blood goes into a little bag. The bag into a little cooler. People have done blood donation, right? So, that is someone's job who has to help with the blood donation, make sure the donated blood goes to the appropriate place, it's transported to the hospital. So, those are jobs people have. So, the costs — there are costs associated with donation and that's exactly what this is for. So, those are — seem like reasonable numbers that would go along with that kind of donation.

Wagner then went on to characterize the "donation" of baby parts as an actual good, calling it the "silver lining of a very difficult process for most women." Davis concurred with her and called the action "generous and altruistic."

We would bring this to the actual reality of what happens, which is always my favorite job to do as the doctor — which is that, certainly, it is the common experience of anyone who's an abortion provider and myself included that when a patient is in a situation that is very difficult, and this particularly will turn up in a case where there is a rare fetal condition and they've decided to end the pregnancy that in a gesture that is very generous and very altruistic, they will volunteer to donate fetal tissue to help people understand how the condition developed, if there's any way it could have been prevented to really move science forward for that particularly situation. So it is a compassionate gesture, it is a very private moment where people volunteer to do this and certainly so my colleagues around the country and I are, you know, the recipients of that sort of — in that moment with people and it's very genuine. So, there are certainly services where people can help women do that generous thing they would like to do at that moment.


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