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by Kim Tisor  •  •  October 30, 2021   

Virginia gubernatorial race tightening

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The race for governor in Virginia is winding down. Now the question is, will liberal-Democrat Terry McAuliffe or conservative-Republican Glenn Youngkin cross the finish line once polls close Nov. 2?

Both candidates have pledged to accept Tuesday's outcome, but as Church Militant's Kim Tisor explains, a new scandal within McAuliffe's campaign is raising questions about the fake Catholic's sincerity.

It appears Virginia's former governor is preparing for defeat and a potential steal. Recent reports reveal McAuliffe's campaign spent more than $50,000 to hire former Clinton counsel Marc Elias, an attorney known for challenging election results.

Marc Elias: "Look, what my job is, is to every day wake up and fight in court for democracy."

When Fox News emailed team McAuliffe yesterday asking why Elias was hired, a concerned spokesperson for the Democrat inquired of teammates, "Can we try to kill this?" but mistakenly included the reporter in her quest for guidance. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley suggests the move to hire Elias is to "challenge any win by Republican Glenn Youngkin."

McAuliffe has refuted results of multiple elections. While chairman of the Democratic National Committee, he claimed George W. Bush stole two elections — in both 2000 and 2004.

Terry McAuliffe, Virginia gubernatorial candidate (in 2004): "Let's go back to Florida. We actually won the last presidential election, folks. They stole the last presidential election."

Recent polls show Youngkin has jumped ahead of McAuliffe by an astounding eight points. A team Youngkin spokesperson asserts McAuliffe's past claims Republicans stole elections raises serious concerns he may not accept defeat if voters favor Youngkin on election day.

If Youngkin does win, team McAuliffe may have an ace up its sleeve.

Political analysts suggest if Youngkin takes the blue state, it could be an indictment of unelected Joe Biden's presidential agenda and may forecast more wins for Republicans in the 2022 midterms.

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