Trump Impeachment: Catholics Weigh In

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  December 19, 2019   

Impeachment an attack not so much on Trump but on democracy

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WASHINGTON ( - President Trump posted a meme on Twitter just hours after Democrats voted to impeach him — reframing the impeachment process not just as an attack on him but on the American people.

"In Reality, They're Not After Me, They're After You. I'm Just In the Way," the tweet reads, which shows Trump in black and white seated and pointing to the camera.

The meme has set social media on fire, with many Catholics weighing in.

This is war. It's a war the Democrats have declared on people of faith and people who love America.

Director of Priests for Life Fr. Frank Pavone corroborated the sentiments of Trump's post, telling Church Militant, "They ARE after us, not simply the President — a theme I've pointed to frequently."

Meme posted by President Trump after the Impeachment

"It is a clash of worldviews," said the pro-life priest, explaining the "us vs. them" reality:

The choice in this election is between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death, between America and globalism, between free trade and socialism, between secure borders and open borders, between prosperity and poverty, between security and chaos, between religious freedom and religious oppression, between the Constitution and mob rule.

This is war, and for those who haven't noticed, it's a war the Democrats have declared on people of faith and people who love America.

"They've been doing this since Day One of the 2016 campaign," Fr. Pavone added.

American Spectator contributor George Neumayr rolls back the effort to impeach Trump even sooner.

"The impeachment is the final act in a farce that began even before Trump became president," he told Church Militant, adding, "Some Democrats like John Lewis, representative from Georgia, boycotted President Trump's inauguration — with the approval of Michelle Obama."

The Stream Editor John Zmirak has made his own meme likening Trump voters to the tragic hero Richard Jewell, the security guard who discovered the bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, saving countless lives, and about whom a movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, was recently made.

Jewell, "an overweight, white male nobody with outdated views, who still believe[d] in America and Jesus," became the "Democrats' villain of choice" and framed by the feds," Zmirak wrote.

He went on to explain:

Of course, the Democrats don't want the Richard Jewells of this world doing their jobs. Or voting. Or really, even existing. They certainly don't want the next Donald Trump to step forward, and trash his own and his family's lives for the sake of their country. They want to teach him and all his supporters an ugly lesson they won't forget.

That's what this impeachment's all about. And absolutely nothing else.

"What Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives did was precisely what they accused President Trump of ... they abused their power in the interest of a political agenda and not the service of the American people," Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, told Church Militant.

"At the heart of this is not a concern over an alleged incident in Ukraine, but is over the potential of a judicial nomination by President Trump when Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally succumbs to age and poor health," he continued. "And the primary concern over such a nomination, ultimately, is the threat to the only sacrament they care about: the merciless killing of preborn children for profit."

Discussion on Catholic Steve Bannon's podcast War Room: the Impeachment on Thursday focused on "the impeachment vote versus the American voters," with Bannon and guests positing that House Democrats were really "impeaching America," not Trump. They commented on Trump framing the 2020 election as not a "me" reality, referring back to himself, but a "We the People" reality at the Battle Creek, Michigan rally of thousands of deplorables Wednesday night.

Impeachment votes were split along party lines, with all but three Democrats voting to impeach, and all 192 Republicans voting against. Democrat Rep Tulsi Gabbard voted "present" on both counts.

Father Pavone accuses the Democrats of disrespecting the will of the people: "For Democrats, who want to completely destroy the country and the Church, the problem is that the American people do not stand with them. They have to somehow work around the will of the people as expressed in the polls."

"For Republicans, and for other supporters of the president, we have to remember the president is just the messenger; the message is way bigger than he is," he said. "But in our current historical and political reality, he is the one in the best position to fight for and advance that message politically."

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