Pressured to Confess

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  January 21, 2021   

Student accused of racism

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A St. Louis senior is suing an elite Catholic high school for not protecting her from false accusations and even from threats of violence.

Outwardly, Villa Duchesne is an elite school. But behind the scenes, its administrators pressured and harassed a student to confess she was racist ... all to protect an African American student who falsely accused her of making a racial slur.

St. Louis attorney Mark McCloskey is representing the accused student whose last year of high school has become a nightmare.

The trouble began in a school-mandated program called "Mission Time." McCloskey explains the activity.

"Mission Time is a mandatory event where the kids are asked to talk about social issues with each other. It's kind of a social awareness type group," he told Church Militant.

McCloskey describes what happened at the end of the one-day program.

"One of the African American students in that class came up to people at the school after the event and said that my 18-year-old client came up to this African American student, got right in her face, glared in her eyes and said, "Black lives don't matter" in a strong and strident voice," he said.

Students even threatened her with violence.

McCloskey said, "My client started getting ostracized and getting threats of physical violence."

When the student complained to school administration, she was ordered to the office. McCloskey described what happened next:

Miss Wiss, who was a faculty member present, says to my client, "Look, you've got a Blue Lives Matter sticker on your computer." In the real world it was a Thin Blue Line flag [signifying support for police]. But Miss Wiss says, "If you have that Blue Lives Matter sticker on your computer you are a racist and you deserve to be treated like a racist."

Seniors at all-male De Smet Jesuit High School complained about transgender instruction.

And in Memphis, a Christian Brothers institution is promoting Black Lives Matter

In some cases, students at Catholic schools are now getting the same political indoctrination as students at public schools.

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