Cardinal Tobin Allows Leftist Activist Priest Free Rein in Newark Archdiocese

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by David Nussman  •  •  January 25, 2019   

Father Alexander Santora is pastor at Our Lady of Grace parish in the archdiocese of Newark

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HOBOKEN, N.J. ( - A priest in the archdiocese of Newark is continuing to promote the LGBT agenda.

Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken, New Jersey had its first Pride Mass on Sunday, June 24, 2018. The parish's pastor, Fr. Alexander Santora, is notoriously pro-gay and pro-transgender.

In 2015, Fr. Santora wrote a piece for The Jersey Journal in which he praised the late Jesuit ex-priest Fr. John McNeill, who spearheaded pro-gay theological dissent in the U.S. Catholic Church.

McNeill left the priesthood, and in 2008 he "married" his homosexual partner.

Father Santora writes regularly for The Jersey Journal. In November 2018, Fr. Santora wrote about how he gathered parishioners' thoughts on the sex abuse scandal and developed a series of proposals that were submitted to the archdiocese. He reported that these proposals included "overhauling seminary formation, conducting truth finding, holding wrongdoers accountable, allowing for a married clergy, greater acceptance for gay clergy, among others." [emphasis added]

Santora noted that some parishioners wanted the Church to embrace "a more progressive stance on all issues," then closed the article by asking rhetorically, "Will the church cling to the past or embrace a bold future?"

Father Santora also claimed that his own archbishop, Cdl. Joseph Tobin, has a clean record when it comes to clerical sex abuse cover-ups.

This runs contrary to the testimony of several clergy in the archdiocese of Newark, who claim there is a rampant homosexual culture among the clergy in which older priests prey sexually on younger seminarians.

Following news of these allegations in August, Cdl. Tobin claimed that he had never been told about a gay subculture in his archdiocese.

Some found Tobin's claim ironic, given the fact that Cdl. Tobin gave the OK for a pro-LGBT pilgrimage and Mass to take place at Newark's Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in May 2017.

Cardinal Tobin has allowed other pro-gay events to take place in his archdiocese, including the Pride Mass at Our Lady of Grace.

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In October 2018, Fr. Santora wrote with admiration about Hindu festival celebrations at a strip mall in Jersey City.

In December, he wrote a piece reviewing local religious news for the year, in which he spoke fondly of a Lutheran pastor who "transitioned" via gender surgery.

"History was made in Hoboken last February," Fr. Santora wrote, "when Lutheran pastor Rose Beeson transitioned to Peter Beeson."

Santora went on, "His public stance was important for all those who struggle with gender changes since few religions have any credible ways to welcome and minister to them. ... Beeson opened the door, but religions have a long way to go."

Back in October, Fr. Santora wrote a piece accusing the Catholic Church of being an oppressive patriarchy. In the article, Santora supported dissident leftist nuns and their lust for power. He linked this with the abuse scandal, suggesting that so-called toxic masculinity is a factor in the gay clerical sex abuse scandal.

In the comments section of that online article, one commenter pushed back, writing, "The Latin Church must stop ordaining gay men, they are costing millions in lawsuits and I don't believe they know the Sacrament[s]."

On social media, Fr. Santora used angry rhetoric against Church Militant in February 2018, talking about putting on his "boxing gloves."

Father Santora trumpets leftist talking points on his Twitter account. He recently tweeted an angry rant about President Donald Trump, accusing the president of having "diarrhea of the mouth" regarding immigration.

Another angry tweet, dated Jan. 14, states, "Trump is the only hoax on this country and not the FBI. ... He is so juvenile that is it [sic] sickening."

Still another tweet from Fr. Santora says, "What a travesty that the idiot in the White House cares only about himself. All manufactured by his self-loathing Jew, Stephen Miller, in the White House."

He had earlier called Miller a "self-loathing Jew" in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. He also compared Miller to Nazi leader Josef Mengele, who used Jewish and Gypsy children as guinea pigs in brutal "experiments."

One of Fr. Santora's many anti-Trump tweets.

Father Santora added, "Stupid Trump listens to this dysfunctional sycophant who gets off on the power. Hitler holds a place [for] him in Hell."

In one tweet, Fr. Santora said that Trump and his supporters will burn in Hell for not being welcoming enough to immigrants: "Trump will get his wall in hell," Santora wrote. "And it will be air-conditioned but out of reach for him and his deplorable Republican base. They will spend eternity reaching out from the eternal flames."

Santora has also tweeted that Trump supporters are guilty of spreading "hate," and calls the president an "infantile" "despot" and"maniac" who "takes cues from that harpie Ann Coulter."

Regarding the red Christmas trees that decorated the White House in December, Fr. Santora opined, "Fitting that Melania decorated the WH in all red. Getting ready for eternity in Hell."


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