NIKE Olympic Ad Shows Nude Transgender

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by Max Douglas  •  •  August 11, 2016   

Woman appears topless in men's locker room

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DETROIT ( - During primetime, NBC aired a NIKE ad showing transgender Olympic athlete Chris Mosier undressed in a men's locker room.

The Chicago native was born a woman but started her "transition" in 2010 by taking hormones. In 2015, Mosier placed seventh in the duathlon for the male 35–39 age group at the national championships.

The ad aired August 8 during the Olympics. In the 30-second ad titled "Unlimited Courage," the narrator asks, "How'd you know your team would accept you?" The ad then cuts to the nude woman responding, "I didn't."

In an interview with Rolling Stone Mosier says, "Triathlon is a body-conscious sport. I was upset with breasts. I worked so hard to have my body look and compete the way I wanted it to."

In the same ad the narrator asks, "How'd you know you'd even be able to compete? Chris responds, "I didn't."

Situations like Mosier's have forced the New International Olympic Committee to allow men to compete as women and vice versa if they have taken opposite-sex hormones for one year.

The media have picked up on the recent ad and many are calling it historic. The story is making rounds on social media as well.

According to homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign, NIKE has a score of 100 for being LBGTQ friendly.

2ndVote, a conservative shopper app that helps the buyer see what companies are doing with profits, gives a rating system one through five, with one being very liberal, three being neutral and five being very conservative. According to this rating system, NIKE earns a score of 1.5, whereas Under Armour earns a score of 3.3.


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