Pro-Abort ‘Catholic’ Candidate Takes Heat

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by Paul Murano  •  •  October 28, 2022   

Tim Ryan wants to bring more death to the Senate

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A pro-abort Democratic congressman from Ohio is seeking a U.S. Senate seat. The problem is, he's another so-called Catholic politician supporting abortion and sodomy.

Church Militant's Paul Murano reports on the pushback against another fake-Catholic, Party-of-Death candidate.

Congressman Tim Ryan calls himself Catholic. He used to be pro-life but changed his mind in 2015, conforming to the Party of Death.

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, 13th District: "I support going back to Roe v. Wade."

The fake Catholic is now in a hotly contested race for U.S. Senate against J.D. Vance.

Vance, by comparison, is proudly pro-life. He converted from Protestantism to Catholicism in 2019 because he "became persuaded over time that Catholicism was true." 

J.D. Vance, lawyer, author, and candidate for U.S. Senate: "I'm pro-life. I've always been pro-life."

Choosing the ways of the world over the Word of God and Church doctrine, Ryan also promotes other grave violations of natural law.

Ryan: "I will have a litmus test. I will have a litmus test on Roe v. Wade. I'll have a litmus test on same-sex marriage. I'll have a litmus test on birth control. We cannot keep going down this road of taking away rights."

CatholicVote was outside the Ryan-Vance debate last week, calling out the hypocrisy.

"I'm not standing here questioning Tim Ryan's personal faith," a CV spokesman said, "I'm questioning why he doesn't vote that way."

Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins unveiled this ad today, exposing the scandalous fake-Catholic, pro-abortion trio: "In Congress, Tim Ryan voted nine times for taxpayer funding of abortion in the last two years. Tim Ryan also voted to support Nancy Pelosi and President Biden's radical late-term abortion agenda."

Ryan follows the likes of Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mario and Andrew Cuomo, Tim Kane, Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi as hypocritical fake-Catholic, pro-death politicians. When will the public scandal end?

Ryan is among the second generation of fake-Catholic politicians sacrilegiously sacrificing human life for political power — with very little pushback from bishops and priests.

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