Pro-Life Americans Speak Out

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by Kim Tisor  •  •  December 2, 2021   

Pushing to end Roe

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DETROIT ( - A national grassroots campaign is exposing countless Americans to the message "abortion takes a human life" — just as the U.S. Supreme Court puts Roe v. Wade under its judicial microscope.

Representatives of a pro-life coalition

On Wednesday, pro-life coalition launched the initiative, displaying on multiple highway overpasses eye-catching banners bearing the life-affirming message. The national effort involved coordinating more than 100 gatherings of pro-life supporters to meet in front of abortion facilities, courthouses and federal buildings to pray, protest and proclaim "overturn Roe!"

Eric Scheidler

Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League and a key coordinator with the coalition, told Church Militant, "We want the Supreme Court to know that the American people are ready for them to overturn Roe v. Wade, to end this horrible precedent that has never been accepted by the American people ... and that we've got their back."

The case under consideration, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, involves a Mississippi law banning all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, except in medical emergencies or when severe fetal abnormalities are detected. 

Mississippi asked the court to allow the states to ban abortions much earlier than the current fetal "viability" threshold (the product of Roe and another seminal abortion case, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey) permits — at a point preceding the time the unborn baby can survive outside of the mother's womb.

Perhaps more importantly, the state also implored that the court overturn Roe v. Wade outright, thereby stripping women of the so-called constitutional right to abortion.

The American people are ready for the court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This is the first abortion case to go before the Supreme Court since former president Donald Trump appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a devout Catholic, to the bench, theoretically securing a 6–3 conservative majority on the court. Since the United States now has the most conservative high court in nearly a century — a fact the liberal media has taken to nervously acknowledging — if Roe v. Wade is ever to be overturned, it appears the time is now.

News Report: Overturn Roe v. Wade Now

The more people understand the truth about abortion, that it takes a human life, "the more reasonable it seems that the Supreme Court should reverse Roe," explained  Pro-Life Action League board member Chris Iverson regarding his decision to unfurl pro-life banners along America's highways. 

The Pro-Life Action League at work

Iverson actually began displaying the prominent highway banners in Chicago, beginning in 2016. He soon discovered they were effective at informing the general population. Research indicates the pro-life message reaches more than a million people each year. And thus, what became known as the "pro-life bridges" project expanded, going national in 2018.

In addition to distributing and displaying banners ahead of today's legal arguments, the campaign attracted thousands of pro-lifers to the front of the Supreme Court this morning, where
they enjoyed rousing speeches, solidarity and prayer. The optimistic crowd also held signs promoting the sanctity of life. 

"This is the first legal opportunity in over a decade the nine justices of the Supreme Court have had to overturn the outdated Roe v. Wade decision," explained Scheidler. "Roe v. Wade is outdated. It's bad law, and it's been responsible for the 'legal' murder of more than 62 million children."

Mic'd Up Report: Roe v. Wade

All organizers fervently desire for the Supreme Court to finally scrap Roe v. Wade and return decisions about abortion policy back to the states, freeing them to limit or ban future abortions. 

Roe v. Wade has been responsible for the 'legal' murder of more than 62 million children.

"December 1, 2021, could be the day that turns this country around. It could be the beginning of the path that draws Americans away from legalized, unrestricted abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason," emphasized Scheidler. "It could be the day that the high court starts to put the power over America's future back where it belongs: in the hands of the people."
Americans will have to wait until June, however, for the Supreme Court to issue its final ruling.

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