Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Miami University of Ohio

by David Nussman  •  •  April 19, 2018   

Crosses kicked over in Cemetery of the Innocents display at university's Hamilton campus

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HAMILTON, Ohio ( - Yet another pro-life display has been vandalized on a college campus.

Footage captured on a cell phone at Miami University of Ohio shows a student kicking over crosses in a Cemetery of the Innocents display. The display was set up on April 8, and the vandalism happened on the morning of April 9. A male student kicked down a number of crosses and ripped some out of the ground, throwing them down in apparent rage.

A common pro-life display, the Cemetery of the Innocents is a collection of white crosses representing the number of babies lost to abortion. The Cemetery of the Innocents at Miami University's Hamilton campus featured 178 white crossed, representing the 1,788 abortions that take place daily, on average in the United States.

Church Militant spoke on Thursday with Ellie Wittman, former president of Miami University-Hamilton's Students for Life. She said, "I would say, honestly, that the students who tore down our display have a certain hostility to free speech."

Wittman seemed happy with the administration's response to the vandalism, noting that "they got the names of the two students" and referred them to the Office of Ethics and Conflict Resolution.

One year, every single cross was taken out of the ground by students.

She noted that the Cemetery of the Innocents has faced similar vandalism in the past, "like almost every year," she said.

Wittman went on to recall, "One year, every single cross was taken out of the ground by students."

Wittman is a sophomore at Miami University. She was president of the Students for Life for the Hamilton campus but left that position to transfer to one of the university's other campuses.

She concluded the phone conversation with Church Militant by saying, "We want to encourage free speech on campus regardless of people's opinions of anything."

Anti-life vandalism like this is common on college campuses in the United States. For instance, Church Militant reported on a similar incident at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in October 2017. Under the cover of darkness, a female student ripped the crosses out of the ground. Furthermore, the signs accompanying the Cemetery of the Innocents at NKU were vandalized as well.

Pro-abortion vandalism struck again at Bellarmine University in Louisville in January this year. As Church Militant reported, all the crosses from the Cemetery of the Innocents were pilfered, and the vandals scribbled pro-abortion jeers all over the signage. Bellarmine University is a Catholic institution named after St. Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit and cardinal known for his roles in the Galileo trial and the Counter-Reformation.

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