Pro-Life Groups Posing as Abortion Websites Save Nearly 6,000 Babies

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by Max Douglas  •  •  March 24, 2017   

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DETROIT ( - A pro-life group posing as a pro-abortion website has announced on Twitter that 5,922 babies have been saved to date.

Human Coalition made the announcement Wednesday on Twitter to their more than 13,000 followers. Human Coalition is a "website landing page" for a network of more than 40 pregnancy centers.


The Human Coalition-affiliated websites advertise as offering "free abortion consultations," and the Google ad reads "same-day appointment available. Call now!" Viewers assume they are ads for abortion services, but clicking on the link takes them to a pro-life site.
Critics call these websites misleading, but pro-life advocates see it as the last chance to save the unborn of "abortion-determined women."
Leaders for the Human Coalition do not believe their approach is misleading but rather smart. According to co-founder Brian Fisher, using search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), 30–40 percent of women who got abortions last year first spoke to a representative "working to rescue the child and the mother."

On March 22, Human Coalition announced: "Today there were 10 babies saved for a total of 5,922 saved to date. Thanks for praying!"

According to reports, pregnancy centers purchase Google ads for keywords like "abortion" or "abortion clinic" to make their website appear high in the Google rankings when women specifically look online for an abortion provider. One pregnancy center that targets women actively seeking an abortion uses a similar marketing technique as Human Coalition and commented, "The more 'pro-life' we are in our marketing, the more we drive away those who need us."

Pro-death advocate Amy Everitt of NARAL Pro-Choice America (NARAL) said, "These centers are bullies. They're sanitizing their image, but the goals and tactics are the same." Everitt said she works with Google to "flag misleading search results, which violate the company's ad policies for removal."

Individual states have passed ordinances in the past requiring centers to be explicit in their advertising as to whether they do not, in fact, refer women for abortions. In 2015, NARAL helped craft a California law requiring pregnancy centers to post conspicuous notices referring women to abortion mills.

An undercover video released in January by the pro-life group Live Action reveals that only five Planned Parenthood facilities out of 97 provide prenatal care, in spite of the fact that the abortion giant's CEO and other spokeswomen continually tout its "prenatal" services.

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action and a devout Catholic, said, "Planned Parenthood (PP) is misleading the public. Its own employees say that its focus is providing abortions, not women's health care."

In February, the French assembly passed a bill targeting pro-life websites. The law labels sites that speak about the harmful effects of abortion as  "spreading misleading information" that could be penalized with up to two years in prison or a $30,000 fine.

Under the current French president, abortion has been considered a fundamental right, and those close to the socialist president are largely responsible for generating this new law. Opposing parties are calling the law an assault on freedom and the head of France's bishops' conference said the legislation is against what it means to be French.


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