Pro-Life Republican Underdogs in Governors’ Races

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by David Nussman  •  •  October 16, 2018   

Pro-life GOP candidates run for office in California and Hawaii — strongly Democratic states

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. ( - In two Democrat stronghold states, the Republican gubernatorial candidate is pro-life.

In Hawaii, the GOP's candidate for governor is Andria Tupola. She considers herself pro-life and is currently a representative in the Hawaii state legislature. In 2017, she opposed a bill targeting pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

Hawaii is considered one of the most radically pro-abortion states in America.

The 37-year-old Republican faces tough competition in the fiercely left-leaning state. Her Democrat opponent, David Ige, is the incumbent governor seeking re-election.

Ige's campaign has significantly more funding than Tupola's. So Tupola has been relying tactically on transparency and face-to-face interactions with voters. She told local news The Garden Island in September, "I am present and transparent. People can ask me questions. I'm trying to give people not just the option on the ballot, but the option in real life."

Predictably, Tupola was trailing Ige in polls earlier this year — but at the time of this article's publication, there have been no polls on record for several months.

In late July, a commentary piece in the Hawai'i Free Press called Tupola "Joan of Arc crossed with Monty Python," noting that "blessedly she is not boring. Not one bit."

The piece also said, "Half Samoan, part Hawaiian, a definite maverick and now in a long long long shot trajectory to be Hawaii's next governor, she is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dull and dreary slog to November."

John Cox, a Catholic and a self-made millionaire, is the Republican candidate for governor in California, a state that is fiercely Democrat. He is opposed to abortion and claims he was conceived in rape. Cox was born on the South Side of Chicago.

He said in 2007, "Abortion is murder, plain and simple — and that should be regulated by state law."

Back in 2006, Cox once said, "I think anybody who has a rape and incest exception to abortion really hasn't thought it through. Killing the baby is not going to absolve the crime of rape."

Abortion is murder, plain and simple.

In California, instead of every party having its own primary to determine its candidate, there is instead a blanket primary where all the candidates from all the parties compete with each other and the top two go on to the general election in November. Cox placed second in the primary and now faces off against Democrat Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Cox's platform includes fiscal and economic policies aiming to make housing more affordable in California. He also wants to end California's "sanctuary state" status, which makes it a safe haven for illegal immigrants — often in defiance of the federal government.

Cox has been a source of controversy at times due to off-the-cuff remarks that were considered in poor taste.

California, though a largely Democrat-run state, has had Republican governors in the past.

For example, there was Arnold Schwarzenegger, body builder and movie star. A "pro-choice" Republican, he was governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

Before that, there was Pete Wilson, who served two four-year terms in the 1990s.

In the 1990 election, Wilson beat Democrat Dianne Feinstein — now a U.S. senator. In 1994, Wilson won his bid for re-election. California has a two-term limit for governors.

Meanwhile, in New York, the GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro is pro-abortion — although not as radically as his Democrat opponent, incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. A report in June said Molinaro is fine with enforcing current abortion law and respecting so-called abortion rights, but would not insist on broader access to late-term abortions.

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