Pro-Life TV Ads Stonewalled

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by David Nussman  •  •  September 3, 2020   

Attorneys tried for months to get air time

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DETROIT ( - Television stations are refusing to air ads about suing Planned Parenthood.

Charles LiMandri

Attorneys have been trying for three months to get their ads on television in California. The purpose of the ads is to find one or more women to join a class action lawsuit against Planned Parenthood over the sales of aborted babies' body parts.

Charles LiMandri, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, told Church Militant on Tuesday, "We're looking for a plaintiff in the last 10 years that used a Planned Parenthood facility in California."

He says they worked with a company in Florida to try to get the ads on air, but television stations were uncooperative.

"Most of the television stations, apparently, that they've contacted were not willing to cooperate with us, and others wanted us to water the ads down so much, they wouldn't really get the information across that we needed to," said LiMandri. "So we're probably going to use social media, at least initially, as opposed to TV advertising — and hopefully start that within the next couple weeks or so."

One of the ads features an actress saying, "My choice to have an abortion shouldn't have been influenced by people who were profiting from selling my baby's body parts."

Ad: Planned Parenthood lied to women to incent them to abort

The other ad relays a similar message.

A major point in the class action lawsuit will be that Planned Parenthood sells "fetal tissue" for profit while leaving women with the impression that the tissue was being donated — not sold.

We're looking for a plaintiff in the last 10 years that used a Planned Parenthood facility in California.

Abortion workers told women having an abortion they could help further scientific research, LiMandri says, but "they didn't tell them they [Planned Parenthood] were going to be profiting, and these third-party brokers who would sell the baby body parts ... would be making huge sums of money."

Ad: 'It's hard to realize you may have been manipulated for profit'

LiMandri claims abortion mills gave patients "the pretense that they're going to use the body parts of aborted fetuses for such things as trying to find cures for cancer and diabetes" and other ailments, while in reality "they weren't even doing that research."

"They just made it sound like it was all going to be done on a donation basis," LiMandri argues, "because the women themselves were not being paid."

They're lying to the women to create this initial incentive [to abort].

"So they're lying to the women to create this initial incentive [to abort]," he added.

He went on to say:

In many cases, they would use these techinicans from these baby-body-part brokers. In the case of StemExpress, these technicians were actually being paid bonuses based upon the number and types of baby body parts they'd procure — which creates a real conflict of interest because they're incentivized to try to get these women, who are vulnerable, often times in a state of high anxiety, to donate the baby's body parts with the idea they're doing good for society. ... [but the technicians are] there purely for their own financial gain.

LiMandri claims abortion workers further lied to women by saying they would not alter the abortion procedure to make the harvesting of preborn body parts easier.

David Daleiden

LiMandri says he believes there's enough evidence of all these practices to make for a solid case.

The abortion giant's practice of selling unborn babies' organs was exposed by pro-life undercover journalist David Daleiden and his organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Daleiden and CMP released damning undercover video footage in 2015, showing abortion industry officials discussing the harvesting and sales of abortion victims' organs.

Since then, Daleiden has faced a massive legal battle, involving a slew of criminal and civil charges.

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