Ontario Ousts Lesbian Premier, Elects Conservative

by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 11, 2018   

Doug Ford and Progressive Conservative Party make huge gains in June 7 election

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TORONTO (ChurchMilitant.com) - Pro-life and pro-family lobbyists in Ontario are celebrating an end to a leftist's "reign of terror."

Doug Ford, Jr. of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party beat incumbent lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne in Ontario's elections on June 7.

"Many Catholics here are receiving the election of Doug Ford in a similar way to how Christians south of the border received the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. — as a merciful reprieve from the suffocating, immoral tyranny of the ruling liberals," Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) told Church Militant.

Social conservatives in Ontario celebrated Ford's win as the end to Wynne's radical leftist policies. As Ontario's premier, Wynne has pushed for explicit sexual education for young children, pushing homosexuality onto students as young as eight. Ford was elected the next premier — or provincial head — of Ontario.

In his election victory speech, Doug Ford said, "My friends, this victory belongs to you! This victory belongs to the people, and tonight the people of Ontario have spoken."

Ford's speech was punctuated with cheers of "Doug! Doug! Doug!"

He promised he would seek to provide "prosperity that will benefit every resident of Ontario."

Although we can never give complete trust to any politician, it appears that Ford will indeed honor that campaign promise.

Fonseca told Church Militant:

Doug Ford promised to repeal the pedophile-influenced, comprehensive sex ed curriculum which teaches children no later than age 8 that being a boy or a girl has nothing do with one's bodily reality. Although we can never give complete trust to any politician, it appears that Ford will indeed honor that campaign promise. In order to help him stay honest, CLC has launched a petition campaign to Doug Ford.

"Ford has expressed agreement with the idea of requiring parental consent before minor children can have abortions," Fonseca noted.

He added, "Ford also told CLC that he disagrees the previous regime's establishment of No Free Speech Zones on taxpayer-owned, public sidewalks within a range of up to 150 meters of all abortion facilities and abortion pill-dispensing pharmacies."

--- Campaign 31546 ---

Ford remarked near the end of his victory speech, "We're going to turn this province around, so our children, and their children, will always be proud to call Ontario home."

He concluded, "I thank you, and God bless each and every one of you! Thank you."

Ford is a businessman and political outsider. For those reasons, he has often been compared to U.S. President Donald Trump.

CLC's vice president Jeff Gunnarson said in a press release dated June 8, "Thousands of pro-life and pro-family Ontarians got involved in this election campaign through their volunteerism, donations, and voter recruitment amongst friends, relatives and church members."

"Hundreds of thousands voted PC because of Ford's overtures to socially conservative-minded voters," Gunnarson said. "Now we wait for Premier Ford to prove that he is a man of his word."

Now we wait for Premier Ford to prove that he is a man of his word.

In the same press release, as reported by LifeSiteNews, CLC National President Jim Hughes said, "We remain optimistic that Premier Doug Ford will uphold his campaign promises to repeal and replace Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed curriculum as an 'early priority' in his administration."

Hughes continued:

Additionally, we look forward to working with the new government on realizing some of Ford's leadership campaign promises, which included conscience protection legislation for medical practitioners, measures to protect free speech on campus, and free votes on private members bills on social issues like parental consent for abortion.

In the June 7 election, PC politicians won 40.5 percent of the vote. PC now has 76 seats in Ontario's Legislative Assembly, a gain of 49 from the party's previous 27 seats.

Wynne's Liberal Party lost 48 seats in Ontario in the recent election. Wynne herself, no longer premier, barely managed to keep her seat for Don Valley West in the Legislative Assembly.

Gaining seats was the New Democratic Party (NDP), another left-of-center political party. After the June 7 vote, NDP has 40 seats, more than double what it had before (18 seats).


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