Pro-Lifer in Poland Punished for Comments on Homosexuality

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by Church Militant  •  •  January 19, 2024   

'This is simply the terror of the radical homosexual-left'

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GDAŃSK, Poland ( - A Polish pro-life leader has been convicted for allegedly slandering the LGBT community in his country.

Mariusz Dzierżawski

Mariusz Dzierżawski, board member of the Pro-Prawo do Życia (Pro-Right to Life) foundation, was sentenced on Jan. 17 for organizing a campaign to inform Poles about scientific research linking homosexuality and pedophilia. According to courts in Gdańsk, speaking about these matters constitutes defamation of LGBT activists.

He was slapped with a fine of 15,000 Polish złotys (approximately $4,000) and required to perform 20 hours of community service per month for the next year.

Dzierżawski called the court's verdict "shocking." He explained,

This is simply the terror of the radical homosexual-left that blocks telling the truth. ... In my activities, I referred to publicly available statistics and official research results that were published in the media, studies and books. But as it turns out, saying the same thing in public is already defamation. 

"The truth has become wrong ... and it may soon be illegal to make it public at all," he added.

A pro-LGBT lobby in Gdańsk, the Tolerado, self-described as "the most experienced NGO in Poland in the rainbow families topic," brought the indictment against the pro-lifer.

According to the PRL's website, the Tolerado accused Dzierżawski of defamation for publicly disclosing results of scientific research indicating pedophilia is more common in the homosexual community. It further claimed that the disclosure exposes them to "humiliation in the eyes of public opinion," which "may make it difficult for them [to participate] in educational activities among children."

The courts agreed with the opinion of LGBT activists.

Dzierżawski, in turn, published a number of accusations that he said "can be easily and quickly verified." He wrote,

  • There are a number of scientific studies indicating a disproportionately high percentage of pedophiles among homosexuals. 
  • The leader of LGBT activists from Szczecin was imprisoned for pedophilia some time ago. 
  • The LGBT community itself has repeatedly openly expressed its positive attitude towards sex with children. 
  • Some LGBT activists worked to legalize pedophilia. 
  • The organizers of the largest Warsaw LGBT "equality parade" in Poland publicly boasted that the participant and promoter of the "parade" in the past was a German politician who demanded the legalization of pedophilia. 
  • The former spokesman of this "equality parade" said himself that he was a pedophile and that he did not agree to the ban on talking about the so-called "positive pedophilia."
  • LGBT activists from Poznań have published a brochure in which they openly describe sexual orgies involving young boys. 
  • New recordings showing LGBT activists exposing themselves in front of children and performing erotic dances in front of the youngest ones are constantly circulating on social media. 
  • The media report further detentions of LGBT activists who headed large pedophile groups that sexually abused children and produced child pornography. 
  • We have heard shocking reports of verdicts against homosexual pedophiles who bought children from surrogate mothers only to rape them. 

He said "the rainbow revolutionaries and the courts that support them not only pretend that such situations do not occur, but also threaten anyone who reminds about it in public space."

Dzierżawski's pro-life foundation claims to be the organizer of the largest public social campaigns in Poland broadcasting the effects of abortion and LGBT sexual education. By delivering its message on posters, billboards and vans, "millions of Poles" are exposed to a clear and independent message: "Abortion is murder, and sexual education is sexual violence against children."


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