Pro-Lifers’ Low-Hanging Fruit

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by Joe Gallagher  •  •  June 28, 2022   

Easy wins for the Right

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Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe, all attention is on the states.

Although abortion could be severely limited or altogether banned in roughly half the country, there are a handful of states pro-lifers can consider "low-hanging fruit."

Instead of one localized battle on the federal level, 50 blood baths are starting up throughout the United States. Some of these battles will be easier to win than others.

Currently, Arizona is waiting until the end of September for its 15-week abortion ban to come into effect.

To continue Arizona's pro-life push and to ensure proposals like State Sen. Wendy Rogers' heartbeat bill become law, Arizonans must increase the Republican majority in both chambers of the state legislature. Arizona's primaries are on Aug. 2.

Like Arizona, Florida also has a 15-week abortion ban. But unlike Arizona, Florida's legislature has a strong Republican majority.

Also unlike Arizona, Florida's state senators have four-year terms instead of two, which adds significance to the upcoming midterms.

Because of redistricting, all seats in Florida's legislature — 120 House seats and 40 Senate seats — are up for grabs in November's election. Its primaries are Aug. 23.

Similar to its sister states California and Maryland, Montana is speculated to push for a constitutional referendum to further protect life.

Pro-lifers can contact their representatives by going to Some politicos find this to be time-sensitive as redistricting is set to go into effect in 2024.

Americans across the political spectrum understand the battle over abortion must be fought in the state legislatures. As such, there has never been a time when the Right needed to be more organized than in a post-Roe America.

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