Pro-Lifers Parody State’s COVID Psycho-War

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  April 8, 2021   

Campaign dignifying 'Johanna' exposes evil of abortion-tainted vaccines

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WORTHING, England ( - A pro-life organization is turning the British government's COVID-19 psychological-warfare campaign on its head by using Prime Minister Boris Johnson's fearmongering advertising to raise awareness of Britain's abortion genocide and abortion-contaminated vaccines.

An image from the Don't Forget Johanna campaign

The Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform U.K.'s graphic "Don't Forget Johanna" campaign uses six images of a baby in the womb at eight and nine weeks with the headline "Look her in the eyes" at the top of each poster.

At the bottom of each poster, the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform U.K. (CBRUK) lists the most common justifications given by Christians — many of them pro-life — for taking the abortion-tainted vaccines.

The campaign gives the name "Johanna" to the Dutch baby who was surgically killed in the 1970s and whose organs were "harvested for the creation of the cell line HEK 293, used in the production of all three COVID-19 vaccines available in the United Kingdom," CBRUK's posters reveal.  

The six most common justifications for taking the vaccine are printed on the posters as:

  • Look her in the eyes and tell her her kidney was worth your vaccine
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her it was a long time ago
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her it was for the greater good
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her it was only one baby
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her you never bend your ethics
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her she was going to be killed anyway

The posters are intended to parody the government's COVID-19 campaign headline — "Look him/her in the eyes" — which helps coerce citizens to abide by the draconian lockdown regulations.

Britain's behavioral-psychology advertising campaign takes pictures of three COVID-19 "patients" (Anthony, Lorna and Tony) posing with oxygen masks.

Slaughtering babies for organ harvesting is happening today — what happened to Johanna wasn't a one-off!

The slogans on the posters say:

  • Look him in the eyes and tell him you'll always keep a safe distance
  • Look her in the eyes and tell her you'll never bend the rules
  • Look him in the eyes and tell him the risk isn't real

"When I first saw the government propaganda campaign on the back of a free newspaper, I was angry. It was manipulative and scaremongering," CBRUK's head of communications Ruth Rawlins told Church Militant.

"I was angry because the government was using guilt-tripping and fear tactics to save us from a virus with a survival rate of over 99% yet intentionally killing the most vulnerable preborn at a rate of 200,000 lives every year by paying for it with our taxes," Rawlins added.

Rawlins told Church Militant CBRUK had been campaigning to raise awareness of the use of fetal-cell lines used by COVID-19 experimental jabs and "wanted to humanize this child from the Netherlands who had her organs harvested to make the cell line HEK 293 [HEK stands for 'human embryonic kidney'], and so we named her 'Johanna,' and we told what we knew of her story."

CBRUK specializes in taking the injustice of baby-killing and producing visuals of the crime to simply depict the horror and reality of the abortion procedure.

The passionate pro-lifer explained that:

CBRUK specializes in taking the injustice of baby-killing and producing visuals of the crime — without any words of disapproval — to simply depict the horror and reality of the procedure to the general public so they can see it is not the "health care procedure" they were deceived to believe it was.

The pro-life organization decided to piggyback on the government's COVID-19 advertising campaign "after receiving some pushback by Christians and even 'pro-lifers' justifying the use of the abortion-tainted vaccines as 'ethical.'"

Britain's fear-based COVID-19 advertising campaign

Rawlins remarked:

I knew when I saw the government campaign that we could use their technique to see if these people could look Johanna in the eyes and tell her "it was just one baby" or "it was a long time ago" — just some of the justifications we were hearing for taking the abortion-tainted vaccine despite being against abortion.

In its recent "Note on the Morality of Using Some Anti–COVID-19 Vaccines," the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) uses a form of the "it was a long time ago" argument to permit the reception of vaccines derived from fetal cell lines.

"The fundamental reason for considering the use of these vaccines 'morally licit' is that the kind of cooperation in evil (passive material cooperation) in the procured abortion from which these cell lines originate is, on the part of those making use of the resulting vaccines, remote," the CDF document states.

In March, a leading bishop and some high-profile Catholic academics challenged the CDF argument on "remoteness," asking, "How 'remote' is a cell line connected by continuous life with the murdered child?" and "How 'remotely' long ago is the abortion of a child who would be only 50 years old today?"

Dr. Catherine Ruth Pakaluk of the Catholic University of America told Church Militant she wrote the "statement of conscience" after leading pro-life Catholic ethicists published a declaration on the "moral acceptability" of receiving the abortion-tainted jabs.

The scare tactics are killing people by deterring them from seeking medical attention, causing thousands of deaths from cancer and cardiac disease.

Pakaluk and her peers write:

It is urged, as if it mattered, that the abortions were not carried out in order to create the cell lines — and yet, the tissue of the aborted child (which no lab scientist had authority to use) did not miraculously give rise to cell lines but instead was manipulated deliberately, precisely in order to create the cell lines.

Earlier, a coalition of 86 women doctors, religious and pro-life campaigners from 25 countries, including a Holocaust survivor, released a statement explaining how "general acquiescence to abortion-tainted vaccines, particularly by Christians, has only contributed to the Culture of Death."

Look her in the eyes, and Don't Forget Johanna 

The statement challenged pro-abortion-tainted-vaccine decrees issued by the Vatican and some bishops as "based on an incomplete assessment of the science of vaccination and immunology," pleading for a reevaluation of the pontifical and episcopal edicts.

Traditionalist Catholics like the distinguished Italian historian Roberto de Mattei are justifying the morality of abortion-contaminated vaccines. 

"It is not heroism, but sentimentalism which emerges when it is said, 'Of course, it is certainly true that vaccination is licit. However, I want nothing to do with abortion, and, therefore, I refuse the vaccine,'" Prof. de Mattei writes in his newly-published book On the Moral Liceity of the Vaccination

"We've had a mixed response to the Don't Forget Johanna campaign, with some supporters wanting us to focus on exposing abortion today. But our response is that slaughtering babies for organ harvesting is happening today — what happened to Johanna wasn't a one-off!" CBRUK's Rawlins emphasized.

In an essay titled "The Government's Shameful Use of Psychological Techniques to Terrify People," Oxford historian and former parliamentary researcher Dr. James Moreton Wakeley condemned Britain's COVID-19 campaign as a "manifesto of a campaign of fear, a campaign that has been consistently shaped by the methodology of behavioral science ever since."

Mental health ethicist Dr. Niall McCrae earlier told Church Militant, "I was among 47 mental-health experts who wrote to the British Psychological Society recently, expressing concern at the State's abuse of behavioral psychology designed to provoke fear and loathing, with 'anti-vaxxers' and other dissidents outcasted."

"The scare tactics are killing people by deterring them from seeking medical attention, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths from cancer and cardiac disease, and mental health problems are escalating, leading to many suicides," McCrae said.

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