Pro-Lifers Rally Against Planned Parenthood

by Anita Carey  •  •  October 18, 2017   

Dr. Monica Miller: "What choice did this unborn baby have? What about this body?"

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LANSING, Mich. ( - Pro-life advocates stepped up to protest Planned Parenthood’s call for pro-abortion advocacy and lawmakers willing to support their agenda.

Pro-abortion and gay rights activists descended on Michigan's capital to pressure state legislators to keep taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, provide free birth control and ensure civil rights protections for homosexuals and transgender people.

Church Militant spoke with pro-life advocates who wanted to show the pro-life opposition and showcase the violence done to unborn babies and women. Dr. Monica Miller, organizer of the protest and director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, recalled how the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood abortion mill killed Cree Erwin-Sheppard after a botched abortion, telling Church Militant that "Planned Parenthood is really ultimately anti-life and anti-women, and we want to make that clear to the public."

Andrea Fose, a post-abortive woman who is now a pro-life advocate, explained why she comes out to protest Planned Parenthood. Fose told Church Militant it was David Daleiden's work, exposing the alleged illegal sale of aborted baby parts that got her to become a pro-life advocate.

She says she flashed back to her own abortion experience, remembering, "I could see the excitement behind the doctor's mask that I was 12-weeks pregnant," adding, "I know he sold my baby's parts."

I know he sold my baby's parts.

She says advocacy has helped her heal and forgive herself — something that she said she was only recently able to do. She warned other women not to abort, explaining:

She might not feel the regret that day ... When her firstborn child says to her, that I wish I had a brother or sister, an older brother or sister, that regret will hit her if it doesn't hit before that.

Rebekah Warren, a Democratic state senator, warned the crowd that "anti-choice legislators" were "working every day to turn back the clock on Roe." She and other pro-abortion speakers pushed the message that

Planned Parenthood Sign in Capitol Window

legislators that don't support Planned Parenthood's abortion and so-called gay rights agenda needed to be ousted.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan partnered with a number of gay rights advocacy groups for the Day of Action. The Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH), one of the partners, issues a report card for legislation, showing their stance on a number of bills introduced this year. But MOASH does not support the legislation, looking to restrict funding to abortion providers or to allow an exemption from sexual education classes in schools.

They do support free contraceptives and adding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to current ethnic intimidation laws and the Elliot-Larsen civil rights protections, enshrining gay rights and allowing prosecution as a hate crime — something that was confirmed by speaker Adrienne Cooper, a pro-abortion activist, who said, "Trans women don't know that Planned Parenthood [is] their home."

Miller said it was a very successful picket, telling Church Militant the marchers were confronted with images of abortion victims and pro-life advocates in front of their own rally.

They had chalked the entire march path with anti-Planned Parenthood slogans, even directly in front of the capitol. A capitol employee quickly washed away the chalk slogans in front of the capitol, telling a pro-life protester that it was damaging the property. During the rally, an actual Planned Parenthood sign posted in the window, it was present for most of the rally, being taken down only shortly before the group photo with the speakers on the capitol steps was taken.

"I think they have a complete disconnection from reality," Miller said. Pointing to the pictures of victims of dismemberment abortions she said pro-abortion activists are "Oblivious to the violence that was done to that innocent unborn child as they're shouting, 'My body. My Choice.' Our comeback is: What choice did this unborn baby have? What about this body?"


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