Pro-Police Rally Disrupted

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by Paul Murano  •  •  July 21, 2020   

Organizer Michelle Malkin assaulted

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Denver ( - Violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters attacked peaceful participants of a police appreciation rally in Denver.

For the sixth straight year, the Becker Band organized a pro-police rally at Civic Park in Denver Sunday. Billed as a family-friendly event, the large crowd was invaded by pro-BLM and Antifa anarchists seeking to disrupt.

Chief Paul Pazen

Three left-wing organizations organized the violent protest. The first two left-wing organizations were called Homeless Out Loud and Aurora Copwatch. The third group, called Party for Socialism and Liberation-Denver, was organized by Lillian House, who explained her goal.

"We wanted to go and make noise and make it impossible for them to have the fun, celebratory experience they wanted to have," said House.

The Denver Police Department (DPD) said one person was arrested for assault during the event. Some police officers were forced to use "a handheld dispersant" on the crowd, which DPD told local news is similar to pepper spray.

Some people who attended the rally expected a peaceful, fun-filled day. They bemoaned the Denver police lack of intervention, however, accusing them of not exercising their legitimate power to stop the unlawful disruption. Attorney and KNUS talk radio host Randy Corporon, who was present, expressed his frustration.

How do we stand up when police obey BLM demands to stand down? How do we #backtheblue when the blue won't back us?

In a tweet, he referred to Chief Paul Pazen as "Chief Brazen Coward."

"His cops were there, ready, able. Multiple Denver cops gave thumbs up, nodded, etc.," he said. "They knew we were there for them. But, they were not allowed to engage. Next time, we won't wait on them."

Catholic conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who was "manhandled and pushed" by the counterprotesters Sunday, told Church Militant (CM) she was also sprayed with aerosol string by a "BLM unmasked woman" during a time of pushing and shoving as she lost one of her shoes.

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Malkin informed CM that the organizer of the event, Ron MacLachlan, "was beaten with a huge skateboard and bullhorn after leading a group prayer." His head was bruised and bloodied by the incident. There are pictures of MacLachlan's injuries and videos of some of the melee from the confrontations on Malkin's Twitter page.

Malkin informed CM, "Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen marched with BLM last month and said his mission is to fight systemic racism and stand with the movement."

She shared her frustration about the present political climate surrounding police in the midst of the current chaos. Multiple media outlets have reported this is especially the case in cities and states run by liberal Democratic mayors and governors, as exemplified by the Denver police chief.

They [police leadership] sent the message clearly that we are on our own.

Malkin pointed out the irony of Pazen's pacifist approach.

"Pazen basically signaled a stand-down [Sunday] and blamed us for putting his officers at risk for holding a rally supporting law enforcement!" she exclaimed.

There is no longer room for showing public support of law enforcement officers, Malkin lamented. She shared one of her tweets with CM, stating, "This is my bottom line":

How do we stand up when police obey BLM demands to stand down? How do we #backtheblue when the blue won't back us? How do we fight back-like all of #ConInc is now preaching- when #ConInc smears Proud Boys as "street brawlers" & tries to cancel people like me who defended them?

Michelle Malkin

Malkin spoke with Jeff Kuhner of WRKO's The Kuhner Report about her experience at the rally.

I've held these types of rallies dozens of times now over the course of my career. This is the first time it got out of control. This is the first time I witnessed violence within a foot of me. ... The so-called peaceful protesters ... will put women in the front line while they're coordinating the real bloody violence in the second line behind them. I'm disgusted with the police chief of Denver.

"They [police leadership] sent the message clearly that we are on our own," she emphatically told Kuhner.

Explaining the value of the "well-regulated militia" phrase enshrined in the Second Amendment, Malkin went on to say: "If you've got too many national guardsmen and police chiefs who are kneeling to Black Lives Matter, we cannot depend on them."

Local news reporter Jordan Chavez, who was on the scene, tweeted during the event. His remarks confirmed what Malkin and others reported concerning the attitude of Denver police present at the rally.

"Denver Police said they reached out to organizers of the Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and said they can still proceed with their event but wanted them to know police aren't asking them to speak up on their behalf," Chavez wrote.

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