Polish Professor Censured for Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Stance

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 13, 2020   

University rebukes Ewa Budzyńska at instigation of students

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KATOWICE, Poland (ChurchMilitant.com) - A Polish professor is being censured for pro-life, pro-family statements she made during a university lecture that triggered LGBT students in her class.

Professor Ewa Budzyńska, associate professor at the University of Silesia in Katowice, was brought before a university disciplinary commission because of statements a number of her students deemed incompatible with LGBT gender ideology.

In a course titled "Intergenerational Ties in World Families," Budzyńska presented various social structures and forms the family has taken over the centuries. Students were to learn about cultural differences of family values and practices in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

After classes related to the family in the context of Christian culture, a group of students complained to the university authorities, accusing her of "anti-choice ideology, homophobic views, anti-Semitism, denominational discrimination, information incompatible with modern scientific knowledge and promotion of radical Catholic views."

The students who complained objected to Prof. Budzyńska for referring to a prenatal child as a "child" and showing models of an unborn child at different stages of the child's pre-birth development, presenting research that addressed negative effects of sending children to nurseries and presenting studies that define family as the basic and natural cell of society and as based on the relationship between a woman and a man.

Students also slammed Budzyńska for presenting published scientific research on the negative effects of raising children by same-sex couples. The sociologist was also accused of being anti-Semitic and maintaining a critical attitude toward euthanasia.

Ordo Iuris lawyer Magdalena Majkowska

Disciplinary spokesman Prof. Wojciech Popiołek initiated proceedings against Budzyńska regarding "suspected offenses against the duties and dignity of an academic teacher."

During the proceedings, Budzyńska gave extensive explanations and presented the content material used during the classes. Budzyńska's explanations and the presentation of her content contradicted the allegations made by the students, according to Ordo Iuris, an independent legal organization dedicated to the respect for human dignity and rights, and which is representing the professor.

The ombudsman, according to Ordo Iuris, interviewed only a fraction of the complaining students and showed testimony of one interviewee with other interviewees.

Popiołek demanded that the university disciplinary committee punish Budzyńska and for proceedings to be initiated. In his request for punishment, the ombudsman referred to student complaints as well as expressing his personal views, for example, objecting to any connection of gender ideology with Communism.

Students also slammed Budzyńska for presenting published research on the negative effects of raising children in homosexual relationships.

Defenders of Budzyńska in the disciplinary proceedings are lawyers of the Ordo Iuris Institute who demand her acquittal.

Attorney Magdalena Majkowska from the Center for Process Intervention at Ordo Iuris took Mrs. Budzyńska’s defense:

A lecturer cannot be required to skip content relevant to the topic in the course of his classes. Certainly the content of the lecture cannot be adapted to the beliefs of the listeners. Nor can the lecturer be required to refrain from expressing scientifically justified doubts or reservations about the phenomena presented. ... Such an expectation would be unlawful censorship of constitutionally guaranteed academic freedom, with obvious damage to shaping the ability to critically analyze stereotypes, including stereotypes that dislike Christianity.

The Ordo Iuris website states: "Every day, people are confronted with various radical ideologies that aggressively question the existing social order. Such ideologies are not aimed at improving or healing society, but instead seek to destroy its very foundation, including the foundation for Poland that is clearly confirmed and affirmed by the Polish Constitution."

Ewa Budzyńska has been a lecturer of sociology at the University of Silesia for almost 30 years. Her scientific specialties include sociology of the family and sociology of morality. She is the author of many books and scientific articles for Polish and foreign magazines. She also provided a number of expert opinions for local government authorities and social organizations, including the mayor of the city of Katowice and the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship.

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