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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  September 14, 2022   

Gorgia case reveals new errors and omissions

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Church Militant recently updated activities in the case of Anthony Gorgia. He's the destined-for-greatness New York seminarian unjustly ousted from the Pontifical North American College in Rome (known as the NAC). He then was dealt a bad hand by Catholic News Agency (or CNA), which is tied to EWTN.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb details CNA's "grave omissions, scandalous errors and overly one-sided journalism."

Joseph F. Mulvey, attorney: "That leads one to believe that they have a predilection or a prejudice for putting the NAC in the most positive light."

Connecticut attorney Joseph Mulvey is demanding — for the second time — that CNA "print a correction ... rectifying every error and misrepresentation in each referenced story, with all deliberate speed."

Gorgia is a NAC whistleblower who witnessed former vice rector Fr. Adam Park's sexual advances on another seminarian and was expelled for his trouble.

When he was refused reinstatement — or even a hearing — he filed a civil lawsuit.

CNA's one-sided reporting has added a new twist to the legal battle.

In an eight-page letter to CNA's general counsel dated Sept. 5, Gorgia's attorney sets out what corrections CNA needs to make.

He provides, for example, detailed evidence — including photographs — showing CNA deliberately misrepresented how sexual abuse at the seminary directly impacted enrollment.

In October 2021, CNA reporter Hannah Brockhaus tried to cover the enrollment decline by falsely reporting "more than 200 seminarians and graduate priests" were at the NAC.

But a Facebook photo — from the NAC — shows the truth, with only 110 graduates pictured, about half of what Brockhaus claimed.

William Mahoney, Ph.D., former NAC seminarian:

The NAC is not what it once was and hasn't been for a long time. It just took awhile for everyone else to catch up because they're very good at cover-up and hiding things. But now, through the reporting of Church Militant, and just guys getting thrown out and telling other people, I think its reputation is not what it once was. 

When CNA reported Gorgia's lawsuit had been dismissed, it failed to note the decision was actually on appeal, a major omission. Brockhaus claims she'd contacted Gorgia for an update but never heard back, a claim Gorgia denies.

CNA's omission cost Gorgia's legal fund thousands of dollars in potential donations as benefactors believed the lawsuit was dead.

Gorgia isn't asking for financial compensation even though CNA's actions had financial repercussions for his GoFundMe page. He simply wants the record corrected.

If you'd like to help in his legal battle, Gorgia's GoFundMe site is called Save Our Seminarians; that's Save Our Seminarians on GoFundMe.

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