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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  March 17, 2022   

TX judge defends gender bending

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In recent weeks, Texas officials have been fighting for the safety of children targeted by gender-confused radicals. Now, liberals are protecting their trans agenda. Church Militant's Aidan O'Connor takes a look at one judge's defense of the trans delusion. 

A district court judge in Texas has banned any investigation into parents of so-called transgender children.

Travis County judge Amy Clark Meachum issued an order Friday, halting governor Greg Abbott's recent directive to protect children. Abbott — a Catholic — authorized the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services last month to investigate parents who allow their children to undergo hormone treatment or surgery associated with so-called gender transitioning.

Abbott also took aim at doctors, nurses and teachers — laying out "criminal penalties for failing to report such child abuse."

This, after the Lone Star attorney general, Ken Paxton, released a legal opinion condemning as child abuse gender-affirming health care. Paxton supported the governor's decision last week.

Ken Paxton: "And so we're definitely going to appeal that to Texas Supreme Court. I have no doubt the governor has the authority to do what he's doing.” 

Judge Meachum's pro-trans roadblock comes after she sided with a Texas parent who took Abbott's directive to court.

The parent was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union — a rabidly pro-abortion and pro-LGBT legal group.

This, while the trans mob is launching an attack on America's youth.

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "We'll convert your children. We're coming for your children." 

Attorney General Paxton assured Texans he is ready to fight for children and take this battle to the state Supreme Court.

Biden's gender-delusional assistant secretary of health — who calls himself Rachel Levine; his real name is Richard —defended the trans agenda, calling pediatric mutilation and hormone therapy "lifesaving." 

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