Protecting Christians: Hungary and Estonia Forge Ties

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  July 12, 2019   

Orbán and Estonian deputy prime minister meet in Budapest

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BUDAPEST, Hungary ( - Hungarian President Viktor Orbán's mission to protect Christian culture is moving up toward the Baltic.

The Hungarian president met with Mart Helme, Estonian deputy prime minister, minister of the interior and chairman of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) to build new alliances between Hungary and the Baltic states.

The talks occurred in the Carmelite monastery next to the presidential palace in the Castle District of Budapest on July 8.


Toward the goal of protecting Christian values, the two leaders agree that national control of external borders and intranational policies that encourage and support families are paramount, Hungarian broadcaster MTVA, Hungary's state-owned national public-service broadcasting organization, reports.

Both leaders see tighter immigration policies and support European families in the interest of solving demographic problems of dwindling population growth.

Bertalan Havasi, the deputy state secretary heading the press office of the prime minister, observed that Helme concurred with Orbán's position that migration should not be the answer to demographic challenges and that European families should receive more support in order to combat the trend of declining birthrates.

European families should receive more support in order to combat the trend of declining birthrates.

Hungary released its "Budget of Families" that will provide significant increases in spending for the Family Protection Action Plan. Finance Minister Mihály Varga confirmed with "a 224 billion HUF (700 million EUR) increase compared to this year [2019], a total of 223 trillion HUF (nearly 7 billion EUR) will be at Hungarian families' disposal in 2020."

Considering that Hungary already has the highest family allowances-to-GDP ratio in the European Union, the family support measures that are yet to begin will put us further out in front.

A spokesman from the Hungarian government told Breitbart London in June: "What we need is not numbers, but Hungarian children: we're not seeking to sustain an economic system, but Hungary, the Hungarian nation and Hungarian history; we want to encourage the continuation of our families for several generations."

Highlighting Orbán's vision for his region, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó declared earlier this year: "Europe will be strong if it becomes a Europe of families, because if the Europe of migrants is realized, then it will be weak."

Helme was briefed on Hungarian border protection measures during his visit.

Helme said his party looks upon the cooperation among Hungary and other members of the Visegrád Group (Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) as a model to emulate as these countries represent very important European core values necessary for the continent's future.

Orbán has been called a racist, an autocrat, Europe's bad boy and a dismantler of democracy.

At the meeting, the parties stressed that, instead of ideological fault lines, Europe should concentrate on regional cooperation for which the unity of the Visegrád countries is a good example.

Orbán has been called a racist, an autocrat, Europe's bad boy and a dismantler of democracy.

Orbán has also been cast as a modern János Hunyadi, the hero who helped defeat the Muslim Turks at the history-altering Battle of Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade) in 1456.

Hunyadi foresaw the dangers of the eastward push of the Turks into Europe in the 15th century — much like Orbán sees the dangers of Muslim migration into Europe today.

Orbán has stated that most Muslim migrants who come to Europe shouldn't be considered refugees so much as "Muslim invaders."

Hungarians will celebrate Hunyadi's defeat of the Turks on July 22, a day set aside by the Hungarian government to celebrate and honor this victory.

Mass Muslim migration has not brought relief to Europe. Instead, it has brought mass rapes, jihad attacks and no-go zones while globalists continue on their campaign to bring in even more Muslim migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Orbán and Helme believe new alliances will provide a hope for an EU free from Islamization.

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