Protestant Pastor Kills Woman in Demonstrating ‘Miracle’

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by Richard Ducayne  •  •  August 16, 2016   

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ZEBEDIELA, South Africa ( - A young woman is now dead after a failed "miracle" attempt by a protestant pastor.

According to, Pastor Lethebo Rabalango, leader at the Mount Zion General Assembly in Polokwane, was performing one of his signature "miracles" on a young lady by putting a giant 200-pound speaker on her chest and sitting on it, promising her she would not feel pain if she only had enough faith.

The women underneath the speaker during the "miracle."

Rabalango had organized the night of worship at his church, where he taught about the demonstration of power. The incident happened on that night, where he said that if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith.

After first putting the speaker on the young woman, reports say she seemed responsive, but after Rabalango sat on the speaker and started reading Bible passages for five minutes, the weight crushed the young lady. She fainted from loss of air, and after elders revived the woman, she came to and complained of a broken rib. She was taken to the hospital by the elders and was pronounced dead from a pierced lung. 

The pastor's response to the situation was that her death was the cause of her having "little faith" for she could not handle a "very simple task."

No one has pressed charges against the man, who, according to his recent Facebook posts, is continuing with his life as usual.


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