Protesting Corrupt Clergy

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by Christine Niles  •  •  March 2, 2021   

Msgr. Michael Bugarin runs from Catholics asking questions

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Detroit Catholics protesting corrupt clergy.

For the second time, Church Militant's Resistance rallied outside St. Joan of Arc parish in Saint Clair Shores to denounce the actions of Msgr. Michael Bugarin, a high-ranking priest who's sidelined faithful clergy.

Among them, Fr. Eduard Perrone, suspended over a rape charge Bugarin fabricated — and his latest victim, Fr. Michael Suhy, punished for blowing the whistle on an alleged homosexual predator. 

Cynthia Burley: "I'm tired of the persecution of holy priests. We know that persecution will come — and it will come, from the world. However, it does not need to be happening inside the Church."

Gen Wandrie:  "We need them back; we need both of these good, holy men back."

The prayerful protest led to encounters with curious parishioners , some who even agreed Bugarin is in the wrong. 

And police, called by Bugarin's staff to throw fellow Catholics off the property.

Bugarin is right-hand man to the archbishop, Allen Vigneron, next in line to be president of the U.S. bishops conference. 

Gen Wandrie: "Well, it's not surprising, when you look at the rest of the USCCB. He fits right in."

Cynthia Burley: "We as the laity need to speak out and let these bishops, archbishops and priests who are not for the Faith know that we're not going to stand for it, we want the Faith, we want true leaders."

Marc Rhodes: "Catholics have to come together and demand transparency and the truth from our clergy."

Bugarin himself is alleged to be connected to Detroit's longtime homosexual network, and critics say he's just protecting his own, ignoring pleas from the faithful. 

While Fr. Perrone and Fr. Suhy have been driven out of their parishes, Msgr. Bugarin is showing no signs of going anywhere, firmly ensconced in his parish — and in the chancery.

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