Psychological Warfare

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  September 26, 2018   

Vatican High Court: St. Luke Institute isn't suitable for priests

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If the reason that Fr. Paul Kalchik gives for burning the rainbow banner shows that he is faithful and sane, then why did the archdiocese threaten to have him committed to a notorious psychiatric center?

Church Militant learned directly from Fr. Kalchik why the LGBT banner that was owned by Chicago's Resurrection parish was destroyed by their parishioners on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. He said this banner, which used to cover the cross in the sanctuary at Resurrection, wasn't merely a gay flag: "Like we're going to have a special burning of gay flags. It was nothing like that."

Kalchick explained the difference: "It was our piece of property, our over-the-top sacrilegious depiction of Our Lord's passion; a cross with a gay flag interwoven into its very fibers."

Yet two diocesan officials threatened Kalchik Saturday night with being forcibly committed to St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland. As per canon law, a bishop can't order his priest to undergo psychiatric evaluation — much less force him to do so.

Bishops more and more are using this psychological weapon against faithful priests, having them evaluated by secular institutes that use questionable means to obtain shady results about the psychological health of such priests. These results can then be used by bishops later on to sideline the orthodox priests.

In 1993, the Vatican's high court, the Apostolic Signatura, even called out St. Luke by name as being particularly unsuitable for doing such evaluations: "St. Luke's Institute is a clinic founded by a priest who is openly homosexual and based on a mixed doctrine of Freudian pan-sexualism and behaviorism, is surely not a suitable institution apt to judge rightly about the beliefs and the lifestyle of a Catholic priest."

These so-called mental health experts gave many homosexual predator priests positive evaluations that were bogus only to have the bishops of these pederast clerics put them back into active ministry where they would go on to sexually abuse other victims. This scenario of bishops sending pederast priests off to such institutions and then reinstating them in active ministry is now what's being called into question during the much-publicized statewide grand jury investigations that are launching across the country.

Even more alarming today, however, is the use of these same psychiatric centers to destroy good men like Fr. Kalchik.

One priest recently described what happens to many good priests when they arrive at these same psychiatric institutions for so-called treatment: "[T]hey confiscate his mobile phone and even his shaving kit, and start pumping him full of drugs and monitoring/controlling email, he is told that he'll be there for six months. The horror show begins."

Watch the panel discuss the weapon bishops use to attack faithful priests in The Download—Psychological Warfare.


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