Psychologist: Free Love Has Created Chaos

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by Anita Carey  •  •  July 27, 2017   

Vicki Thorn explains biological response to hook-ups

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DETROIT ( - A leader in post-abortive care is explaining the biological reasons hormonal contraception and abortion are damaging to women and men.

Church Militant spoke with Vicki Thorn, founder of Project Rachel and the executive director of The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing. She has a degree in psychology and is an international speaker on the sociological changes in society since the sexual revolution of the 1960s and its devastating effect on subsequent generations.

Thorn explains that "we believe we [are] disembodied" and that we can "turn off" feelings and emotions based on "whatever our intentions are." She continues, "But in reality, our bodies are designed to bond." She says, "We are in some respects still a stone age people" and that the biochemical responses of our bodies are programmed for survival — survival that entails the rearing of healthy offspring."

Thorn is adamant. "Random sexual activity is a bad thing." She says, "We need to appreciate our bodies. So many things are going on that we aren't aware of."

In her talks, the Biology of Theology of the Body, she explains that we are designed to choose mates that would produce healthy offspring. She says women who are taking hormonal contraception have tricked their bodies into thinking they are pregnant, and instead of looking for a mate with complementary genes, they look for a protector who has similar genes.

She has heard stories from many women who get married while taking birth control pills, only to find themselves not attracted to their husbands when they stopped; they end up getting divorced. Thorn also questions whether children from partners with similar genes may result in increased risks of autoimmune disorders. Thorn is hoping that one day research may be able to answer that question.  

Ironically, [the pill] kills the libido — possibly permanently.

Not just affecting women and children, researchers have found that men are also affected by women taking hormonal contraception. Thorn explains that research has found that men's testosterone levels fluctuate in response to the women's menstrual cycles and "with 68 million women on the birth control pill, they've flatlined."

Thorn pointed to a study with monkeys showed that the male lost interest in the females on hormonal contraception, his sperm count dropped, he began masturbating excessively or violently raped other females. Once the females returned to normal menstrual cycles, the male regained interest in them, and the violent behavior ceased.

Aside from the negative effects on men, Thorn wants women to be aware of the health concerns associated with hormonal contraception. First, she explained that it is a Type 1 carcinogen in the same toxicity as asbestos, radium-224 and mustard gas. Next, women's brains begin growing like men's brains. She says the "feminine mystique disappears."

As frightening as those risks are, Thorn explains that there can also be deadly side effects. She says the risk of blood clots from taking the pill is "much higher than was anticipated," telling Church Militant of a teenage girl who was "riddled" with clots and tragically died from them.

Thorn says hormonal contraception has one other side effect, "Ironically, it kills the libido — possibly permanently."

Thorn has much more fascinating information regarding our biology that lends some credence to "mother's intuition" and some that even appears to corroborate Scripture. For now, she has many more questions than science has answers.

She will be talking about these subjects in her talk, "What We Didn’t Know: Understanding Our Biology and Wounds" at the Lake County Right to Life Banquet in Mundelein, Illinois, July 28, 2017. The event is free but reservations are required. 


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