Queer Cash

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by Joseph Enders  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 16, 2021   

Gay billionaires buying a culture

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Sodomy and fornication are among the most promoted sins in the country. In only 15 years, public perception of the issue has radically changed owing to extremely wealthy men running extremely successful promotional work, typically done by wealthy LGBT elite.

There are several examples of ultra-rich and influential homosexuals infiltrating otherwise normal institutions in order to force the LGBT agenda into the public discourse. A prime example is the billionaire heir to Stryker medical devices, Jon Stryker and his Arcus Foundation.

His project brought in over half a billion dollars since its founding in 2000. They've been hard at work, specifically to insert homosexual acceptance into religious communities. But don't take my word for it, read their own words: "The National LGBTQ Task Force, a long-time Arcus partner, received funding to create and reinforce bridges between the LGBT and faith communities."

Arcus is specifically targeting Catholics too, bankrolling dissident so-called Catholic organizations looking to change Church teaching on abortion, gay marriage and gender ideology. Stryker himself donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a whopping $15 million specifically earmarked to fight against religious freedom for Christians in the United States.

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The Vatican, luckily, released a statement condemning gay unions shortly after Stryker unleashed his onslaught against the faithful. If it hadn't, the culture war would once again go unchecked, which brings the issue to its crux — why is faith constantly losing to these relentless sodomites?

To be frank, it's because the Church isn't fighting at all. The bishops refuse to be relentless like the enemy is. Prelates are always on the defensive. And to use an American football reference, defenses rarely score touchdowns. The faithful bring neither the financial nor cultural fight to these sodomistic enemies of the Church. 

There are Catholic billionaires, actors and cultural influencers that have the ability to fund an equally capable financial powerhouse to combat the big gay money machine. But Catholics must build their own infrastructure and blast the LGBT where it hurts — their "pride."

Without fail, [the vice of sodomy] brings death to the body and destruction to the soul.

They ought to demonstrate that no self-respecting Catholic cares about the opinions of men and women intent on going to Hell and taking innocent children along with them. They are sodomites. Say so. These decadent losers prance around naked during Pride parades and have sex with each other on the streets in front of kids. Make this point clear. Don't back down. Highlight their issues. Don't waste time defending their empty attacks.

Be like St. Peter Damian when he described the sodomistic condition: "Without fail, [the vice of sodomy] brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the Devil, the stimulator of lust."

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