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by Samuel McCarthy  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 13, 2023   

Irish politician diverts government funds to LGBT causes

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DUBLIN (ChurchMilitant.com) - An Irish government minister is diverting funds earmarked for ethnic minorities and vulnerable women and children and spending them on LGBT pet projects.

Peadar Tóibín

According to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, openly gay Children's and Equality Minister Roderic O'Gorman has taken over one million taxpayer dollars originally allocated to other government programs and used them to fund his own favored pro-gay and pro-trans projects and nongovernment organizations.

The leader of the pro-life Aontú Party, Peadar Tóibín, the man who filed the FOI claim, tells Church Militant:

These documents which I've seen are extremely disappointing. I'm furious at the idea that while the government were busy apologizing to Mother and Baby Home survivors, and trying to convince the world that they simply didn't have the funds to pay survivors, they were actually secretly raiding the Magdalen Scheme.

The Magdalene laundries were government-funded programs to house wayward women, especially unwed mothers and their children. In the 1990s, it was revealed that women were frequently abused in these programs, and the government announced a fund of over $60 million to compensate surviving victims. O'Gorman took nearly $375,000 from the victims' fund to bankroll "the development of rural community infrastructure to be inclusive and welcoming of LGBTQ+ persons, address gaps in LGBTQ+ services and support existing LGBTQ+ community organisations."

Another $375,000 was taken from a fund for Travellers (a predominantly Catholic ethnic minority group with unusually high suicide rates) to pay for four LGBT projects, including the disgraced Transgender Equality Network Ireland. O'Gorman, who frequently promotes immigration and open borders, also took nearly $270,000 from a fund for housing refugees. He even took money from a program to support women's rights.

The Homosexual Mafia

O'Gorman has been a vocal proponent of LGBT causes, recently promoting an initiative to teach young children about transsexualism in primary schools. Before entering politics, O'Gorman was considered one of the most vocal supporters of a 2010 law permitting homosexual civil unions. As a government minister, O'Gorman led a 2020 effort to allow minors access to transsexual genital mutilation surgeries without parental consent. In 2021, he announced plans to outlaw conversion therapy.

Tellingly, O'Gorman proudly posted a photo of himself alongside longtime LGBT activist Peter Tatchell at the 2018 Dublin "pride" parade. The tweet read, "Delighted that Peter Tatchell is marching with [Ireland's Green Party] today." Tatchell has famously and openly supported adults having sex with minors and repeatedly called for the age of consent to be lowered. He also wrote an obituary for pro-pedophilia activist Ian Dunn, founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

O'Gorman's blatantly pro-sodomitical actions have drawn intense criticism, with Tóibín promising to grill the minister in Ireland's parliament. Tóibín told Church Militant:

The Minister [O'Gorman] should not have dipped into funding which was ringfenced for vulnerable groups. Minister O'Gorman's actions, as revealed in this correspondence, are shameful and unforgiveable. ... The attitude as exposed in these emails is extremely disappointing, especially from a Department which has 'equality' in its name. The Minister has some very serious questions to answer here.

Irish Freedom Party President Hermann Kelly, a faithful Catholic, told Church Militant, "Minister Roderic O'Gorman has exposed himself and his goals. It's never about the protection of children; it's not even about promoting diversity. His goal is the accumulation of money and power for his LGBTIQ identity group. Travellers and women can go to hell in O'Gorman's world."

The minister's transfer of funds was actually quietly approved by the government, headed by openly gay Leo Varadkar, with the understanding the transfer would be a "once-off exceptional measure." That was in 2021, but the transfers continued, from varying funds, well into 2022, presumably with Varadkar's knowledge, if not permission.

Exclusive Interview: The Irish 'Lesson'

Despite Varadkar representing the Fine Gael Party and O'Gorman representing the far-left Green Party, Varadkar reappointed O'Gorman to his cabinet role upon becoming Taoiseach (Ireland's prime minister) in December. Varadkar also recently backed O'Gorman in promoting transsexual classroom brainwashing sessions for children.

Hermann Kelly noted, "The homosexual mafia of which O'Gorman is part, along with Taoiseach Varadkar, is the most privileged and powerful identity group in the country. Their goal was never diversity; it was always about gaining power and imposing their dangerous LGBTIQ ideology on the rest of Irish society."

Irish Freedom Party Chairman Michael Leahy, a devout Catholic, agreed. He noted the LGBT agenda's inherent opposition to Catholicism:

Roderic O'Gorman — like the Taoiseach, Leo Varadker — is a highly activist promoter of the homosexualist ideology which argues that, rather than being a result of psychological or hormonal factors, homosexuality is a genetic condition (something which has never been established in science) and that it therefore is devoid of any moral dimension. This places them directly in conflict with almost every major world religion, all of which teach that there is a moral dimension to human sexuality. In the Catholic religion, this is spelt out specifically... . O'Gorman's raid on the cookie jar is, of course, an indication of the priorities of the government: The misappropriated funds are primarily aimed at cultural insinuation of the homosexual message. The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism at all levels of society and in every aspect of our culture is an essential policy position of a government which regards traditional sexual mores as being a threat to its perverse idea of "diversity."

Leahy also commented that, ordinarily, a government official caught in O'Gorman's position would be asked to resign, but, "as in all matters relating to the aggressive promotion of homosexualism (essentially a political rather than a cultural ideology), no ethical or even legal standards are applied." He added, "The Irish Freedom Party will fight to take back our culture from those who have corrupted it."

Kelly encourages his countrymen to build Catholic families.

Kelly agreed, saying, "The homosexual mafia had their own way for too long. But now they have in the Irish Freedom Party some ideological opposition."

In the meantime, Kelly encourages his countrymen to build Catholic families to resist the rainbow crusaders: "Ireland needs strong families and more children. A philosophically and physically sterile LGBTIQ ideology is an obstacle to our national needs."

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