Red Rose Rescuers Arrested

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by Kim Tisor  •  •  April 26, 2022   

Saving the unborn worth the cost

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Five years ago this month, during Holy Week, Dr. Monica Miller cofounded Red Rose Rescue. The mission? To enter abortuaries and lovingly plead with women to keep their babies. In the process, volunteers give the women red roses with attached pro-life information.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kim Tisor showcases Miller's work and covers her group's most recent operation in Southfield, Michigan. 

Monica Miller, Ph.D., Red Rose Rescue cofounder: "Our goal in doing a 'red rose rescue' is to be as passive and as peaceful as we possibly can be."

Dr. Miller, a decades-long pro-life champion, explains Red Rose Rescue takes light to the darkest places on earth. In Southfield, that place is Northland Family Planning.

Bernadette Patel, Red Rose Rescue sidewalk counselor: "What you see, this basic building, is actually a concentration camp upstairs, where they are killing children up to 24 weeks." 
Red Rose Rescue volunteers, like Bernadette, travel from as far away as New York and New Jersey to pray outside the abortion mill while rescuers inside meet with women who plan to kill their babies. 

Dr. Miller: "If one leaves, that's a huge victory. That's a saved baby from abortion."

It's a last-ditch attempt to protect the unborn before cops intervene.

Dr. Miller: "If police come, we try to talk to them about why it is we feel we cannot leave the abortion center."

This day, like most, police aren't interested in the rescuers' reasons for being there. Officers handcuff all six pro-life warriors and haul them away.

Audrey Whipple, Red Rose Rescue sidewalk counselor: "The people going in and trying to save them are the ones being arrested, while the people inside, who are actually staff members at this killing facility, are just living their lives normally, and we shouldn't be able to let them do that."

Doc Kovaly, Red Rose Rescue volunteer: "The sacrifice they're making, that so many in this country are not making, it can almost bring me to tears."
Volunteers admit developing a rap sheet isn't all that bad because it spreads their witness beyond the waiting room.

Heather Idoni, Red Rose Rescue volunteer: "We also take our testimony of Jesus right into the police station, right into the courtroom, and God has done amazing things when the gospel goes forth in that way." 

Almost anyone with a solid prayer life and a willingness to take risks can become a rescuer, according to Miller — and should.

Dr. Miller: "It's certainly something that Christians ought to be able to bear for their Faith in a time of enormous crisis." 

Will Goodman, Red Rose Rescue volunteer: "We're called as Catholics to give and not to count the cost. That's what St. Ignatius said. The rescue movement is building again, and we encourage more people to be involved in nonviolent direct action." 
Ms. Whipple: "Be bold in your Faith, and don't be scared of the Devil, of the people that will be against you because you're on the winning side." 

Only God knows how many lives Red Rose Rescue saved today, but the possibility they may have saved just one keeps them going, regardless of the cost.
The volunteers stressed they don't view the pregnant mothers, abortionists or staff as the enemy. They recognize the battle pro-lifers face is a spiritual one. The real enemy is Satan, the Father of Lies.
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