Refugee Camps Breed Terrorists

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 4, 2021   

Desperate youth dream of revenge

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Children in Syrian camps are taught to hate the infidel and want to grow up to kill them. At the height of its power, the Islamic State trained children in military tactics. In defeat, they do not want to build a future, they want to tear down others'.

Intellectuals debate whether or not Islam is a so-called religion of peace. Many ignore one basic concept, explained by women's rights activist, Ayaan Ali: "When Muhammad, the founder of Islam, called out to all Muslims, and that's how he won most of his wars, by saying 'I have been ordered and all believing men have been ordered to attack and kill and maim.'"

There are additional motives for Syrian children to grow up violent. Church Militant reported Biden's attack on Iranian-backed terrorists in Syria. Israel, on Wednesday, also launched a retaliatory strike against Iranian targets in Syria.

Ten years of military conflict in the region has resulted in a great economic depression. According to one Syrian, "That's where the biggest collapse has happened. That's where the dependency on the Syrian pound, the lira, is huge. For the ordinary citizen, it has become much worse."

In Syria, if a doctor can even work, he barely makes enough money to buy basic necessities. Greek Orthodox are working in Syria to feed poor refugees who can't even afford food.

Despite this, Biden is willing to perpetuate the cycle of violence. According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, "We [the Biden administration] responded to recent Iranian-backed attacks on coalition and U.S. forces in a manner that was calculated, proportionate and fully covered by legal authorities. If we assess further response is warranted, we will take action again."

This response to the Wednesday attack highlights the current American policy of bombing a proxy country rather than preventing the offending country, Iran, from having the resources to fund terrorism.

While Protestants and secularists are in the region offering material aid and secular training, Catholics are missing in action. Instead of children being taught the authentic Faith, they're learning how to hate.

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