‘Reject Ordination of Women’

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 22, 2020   

Australia's young Catholics urge orthodoxy

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Australian Catholic students are asking the bishops "down under" to affirm immutable Church teachings at upcoming Plenary Council 2020 and reject all appeals for the ordination of women.

Over 200 students and alumni connected to the Australian Catholic Students Association said in an open letter, "It was with great sadness that we note many submissions have called for a change to the very constitution of the Church also willed by Christ."

An official video for the Plenary Council shows a mix of orthodox and heterodox themes that will be discussed during the Council, including, according to Archbishop Timothy Costelloe:

  • End discrimination of LGBTQ
  • End celibacy, allow priests to be married
  • Modernize Church teachings
  • Lay-led parishes
  • Women deacons
  • Lay-led liturgies and Masses

The students ask a rhetorical question, "Why should anyone take the doctrine and mysteries of Christ and His Church seriously if Her members do not?"

In 2017, Australian bishops announced the 2020 Plenary Council, which the official website describes as "inclusive, participatory, synodal." Critics have likened the upcoming council to the German "synodal way," which they see as a recipe for destruction.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge: "So the journey has begun already. It has three phases: Preparation, Celebration, Implementation."

The letter continues, "Young people desire an authentic relationship with Christ; this will not be facilitated by a committee." True reform will come "in the rediscovery of, conviction about and love for the Catholic faith by every Catholic."

The students close with a clear call to action: "We call on the Plenary Council to recommit the Church in Australia to the timeless truths of the gospel as proclaimed by the Church for 20 centuries."

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