Call for Global Ban on Reparative Therapy

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by Paul Murano  •  •  December 23, 2020   

Religious leaders defend homosexuality

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LONDON ( - International religious leaders are trying to block those struggling with same-sex attraction from getting help.

A new U.K.-based policy organization released a declaration Thursday advocating for a ban on reparative therapy. The declaration boasts more than 370 signatures

Reparative therapy, often derided as "conversion therapy" by LGBT partisans, helps young people seeking freedom from same-sex desires. This kind of ban would mean those saddled with sexual disorientation or gender dysphoria would have no recourse to therapy that aims to heal and redirect disordered desires.

 Mary McAleese

Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives (GICLL), which is responsible for the petition, made a video promoting a conference held Dec. 16. Mary McAleese, the nominally Catholic former president of Ireland, expressed her regret for the suffering that Church doctrine has ostensibly caused people.

"We acknowledge with profound regret that some of our teachings created and continue to create oppressive systems that fuel intolerance, perpetuate injustice, and result in violence," said McAleese.

GICLL calls itself a faith-based advocacy group, but promotes an anti-Christian view of human sexuality.

The Dec. 16 conference was entitled "Declaring the Sanctity of Life and Dignity of All." Speakers included rabbis, Protestant ministers, an Episcopal bishop, so-called theologians and civic leaders. Most of them use love-and-acceptance verbiage while subtly advocating for the normalization and acceptance of homosexual behavior and so-called gender transitioning.

Catholic laity often contradict infallible moral doctrines in their public stances.

The online promotional material for the conference includes biographical statements and pictures of the religious leaders who were speakers at the event. One such speaker is Rabbi Abby Stein, a Jewish rabbi and biological male who now identifies as female. Stein is lauded as an innovative and influential thinker:

Rabbi Abby was raised in a Hasidic family. ... She [sic] was ordained in 2011. After leaving the Hasidic community and coming out as a woman of trans experience, she has given 400+ speeches around the world, raising awareness on LGBT+ issues in Judaism, anti-Semitism, media and more. In 2020, she [sic] was named by Prospect Magazine as one of the world's top 50 thinkers, and by the Jewish Forward, as one of their top 50 most influential American Jews.

The petition and conference are indicative of a worldwide movement to normalize homosexual behavior and gender ideology. Homosexualist ideology has infiltrated many of the world's religions, including many Christian denominations. Nevertheless, there is one religious institution the LGBT advocacy group's website recognizes as not following this trend: The Catholic Church.

Free clip from CHURCH MILITANT Premium

Their website shows a picture of Denver's Catholic Cathedral, with a caption underneath, stating: "A rainbow flag, part of an LGBTQ pride march in Denver this past June, passes the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the seat of that city's Catholic archdiocese, part of a worldwide denomination that remains resistant to queer rights advances."

The Catholic Church, however, while unshakable in her doctrine, is not devoid of members who embrace unnatural lifestyles and/or advocate for so-called LGBT+ issues. Church Militant has uncovered many of the problems stemming from dissonant and deviant Catholics in the clergy and in academia.

Martin Jenkins

As Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sonya Sotomayor illustrate at the highest levels of civil society, Catholic laity often contradict infallible moral doctrines in their public stances.

One of the newest high-profile Catholics in America's civil society is Martin Jenkins, who earlier this month was confirmed as an associate justice on the California Supreme Court. Jenkins is being proudly hyped in the mainstream media as "a gay, practicing Catholic." He has also received plaudits for being the first "openly gay" justice on California's highest court.

The Catholic Church teaches that while those with same-sex attraction must be loved and respected, homosexual acts violate human nature and "under no circumstances can they be approved" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, § 2357).

As for reparative therapy in the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia in March became the 20th state to legally ban reparative therapy for minors. Democrat governor Ralph Northam (of "post-birth abortion" fame) weighed in on the controversy.

In the usual Leftist conflation of feelings and personal identity, Northam defended his state's new law in a statement:

Conversion therapy sends the harmful message that there is something wrong with who you are. This discriminatory practice has been widely discredited in studies and can have lasting effects on our youth, putting them at a greater risk of depression and suicide. No one should be made to feel they are not okay the way they are — especially not a child. I'm proud to sign this ban into law.

As Church Militant reported in June, the United Kingdom was poised to debate making reparative therapy illegal. It's following in the footsteps of Germany, which recently banned the practice for minors.

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